Pretty Awesome.


I got a new iPad for Christmas – the iPad Air. It does some new stuff. One of the things it does is let you go backward in time in your photo stream, until you can see all of your photos by the year they were taken. Itty bitty photos.

I just loved seeing this! I’m so glad that my life has been awash in colours like these. Funny how seeing everything you found interesting for an entire year looks both small and huge at the same time.


So many photos you know! And so many you don’t. I’m pleased that I’ve clearly been taking more and more every year.

And yes, now my photo stream includes a photo of my photo stream…

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  1. That would look awesome printed into a big picture and then put on cardboard and cut up into a jigsaw puzzle……I need a life seriously bwahaaahaha 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. I like how it looks like a stats page. More pictures every year. And I can see how many pictures of the very same flower you had to take before you got one you were satisfied of. January has been slow for you. If you keep that slow pace, you are going to end up way behind 2012. You better hurry up and take more pictures. Beside, I really think you should remove these pictures of D in the shower in early 2013.

      • Lol None, I was just kidding around (just watched a few College Humor videos in a row, maybe it screwed my mind)

        But I counted the little pictures, and there were less than 1/12 of what you took in 2012. But I was just trying to be funny again. You had no flowers to shoot in January, I’m sure you will take a lot more pictures this summer 🙂 (How do you like me trying to be positive as if the number of pictures taken was a metric for how successful your life is?)

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