Smelly Sunday Morning


This wasn’t this past Sunday, but the one before. I woke up to find Spot had his arse right in my face, so I nudged hubby and got him to take pictures.

Please forgive my weird bedroom paint job – I was testing out colours and hated all of them. Maybe now that a few years have gone by, I’ll do something about it… HA!

What’s that I smell?

I think it might be…

Cattbutt! Oh how lovely of Spot to share his distinctive aroma, eau de feces, with me!

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  1. That happens to me too. Glad you had pictures! There is a “No butt in the face” rule at my house. Unfortunately, I am the only one that adheres to it. You won’t see me sticking my butt in my cats’ faces. Just wish they were as considerate.

    • Hahhah! You made me snort, my ultimate compliment for a funny comment! My mental image is me trying to shove my naked arse in one of the cats’ faces – and their total lack of cooperation! But I just put up with it, like an eejit, didn’t I?

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