Frosty Morning


It was foggy Wednesday night, so much so that on my way home from work, I turned on the car’s fog light. This is a thing new to me since I emigrated to Ireland. It’s one blindingly red light under just one taillight at the back of your car, and it shows up really well in the fog. I didn’t have anyone come up behind me to test how well it worked. I could see that the cat’s eyes in the road behind me were now blood red. Did you know that the cat’s eye centre marker was invented by an Irishman? Now you do.

Anyhoo. The thick fog and 1° C temp meant that the car was covered in a thin sheen of ice on Thursday morning. It wasn’t a bother to me. I lived in Ohio for years, so a skin of ice is nothing at all. Snow deep enough to cover your license plate? That’s a bother.

But back to the ice. It was dammed beautiful from inside the Mini. I got in, sat down and said wow.

I’d already started the car so had to rush like mad to take these before the defroster melted it away.

The short and beautiful life of windscreen (windshield) frost.

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      • It had to be very humid to make these patterns. We have a humid climate, and I don’t remember having seen such big ones. So your explanation sure makes sense.

        What doesn’t make sense is how you got that ice on your windshield at 1ºC. But I must trust your reading, because just one degree below that the fog should have condensed and fell to the ground.

        I admit ice on the windshield may look really good. But most of the time, my concern is not to look at it, but how long I can wait for it to melt without getting late. I usually calculate if I could take it off with some windshield washer without screwing the environment, or freeze my ass out to scratch it off.

        • It wasn’t 1° when the fog was coming down, it just gradually got colder overnight. It was so thin the inside defroster did the job.

          However – the damn washer fluid lines freeze solid unless we get antifreeze washer fluid. Which we can’t find. Sigh.

      • :D! Sometimes when I grope for the *mot juste* it comes to me in French or German even though I can only claim four years of school French and German from singing. You are the first genuine French speaker who ever commented on terms I mostly use in my own head.

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