I need this.


I saw this most amazing thing on Facebook today, via Etsy.

Cat Battle-Armor. Can you just imagine the number of photos I would put up? Anyone want to give me €395 just to see the pictures I’d share?

I managed to steal a screen shot photo. I loooove this! Even better that the model looks like a Bengal.

It’s a proper harness. I would walk Spot everywhere if this was mine.

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  1. Heh, I bet you and your h!usband could make a personalized one, would be even better than a bought one, AND you could make matching ones for the dogs. Get even wilder and crazier and make them for yourselves that match!!!!whoo hoo, now that would be a sight! Ahh the imagination runeth over.

    • I have zero talent for sewing, sadly – in fact my previous attempts were likely to send me into a temper tantrum. I can put a button back on, but the likes of this? Not a chance! (Welcome back, by the way – I was wondering if you were home yet!)

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