Post-Holiday Depression in Pets?


Most of us who dislike or tolerate our day (or night) jobs probably really appreciated the time off from work over the holidays. Ireland is very generous with holiday time – I worked from 7am to 10am on Dec 24th, and didn’t have to go back until Jan 2nd. I loved it!

The ones who loved it even more were our cats. They couldn’t wait for us to sit our (spreading) arses on the couch to catch up on movies, or TV, or box sets. I’m not kidding at all when I say that they were pulling at our sleeves to hurry us up to sit back from our breakfast and make room for them to cuddle under the blanket so they could snuggle into sleep.

I said our sleeves? No. They want to sleep on me. Just me.

Poor iDJ, he gets no cats. We have a running joke because the boys are always cuddling with me.
Him, pathetically: “Why don’t I get any cats?”
Me, hopefully: “We could get two more!”
Him, sad and resigned: “No, then you’d just have four cats.”

And that is true. Because he… twitches. He fidgets. Kitties hate that shit.

Me? I can lie like a slug for hours and hours and barely move at all. Kitty heaven.

It doesn’t hurt that I’m also really warm all the time – and they know it.

So, now that we are both back to work the boys are being rather mental because they miss lap-time, couch-time, whatever you want to call it. They are unimpressed that we are no longer here 24hrs a day providing comfy warm places to sleep. I know it upsets them, poor boys. It is so damn cold in this house during the day, and not a glimmer of sunshine in a month.

It’s not all bad. My good old man Spot decided to show iDJ some love on Sunday, and was adorable in his method. I think it was one last play at keeping us home to lurve on him constantly.


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  1. A real cute play. Excellent work, Spot.
    Isn’t it funny how cats hang all over one person, but shun another? (My mom hated cats…they all wanted to sit on her. More spite than trying to win her over no doubt) We knew it was cold last night, RC’s been burrowing into the bed covers rather than stretching across her heated sheepskin draped lounging spot. Low around 20F again tonight.
    The German went back home today (fireworks over and Person’s hours back to normal) so Molly is rather sad…or she is when she’s awake…all that company and exercise has taken a toll.

    • If I don’t jump on the couch in time, the boys do a reverse-play on hubby. Lokii under his armpit, Spot on his legs. When I get comfy, it’s Lokii behind my knees or on my pelvis, and Spot crammed under my arm, tight! That’s how we roll 🙂

      Does the German have other dogs to keep her company, or does she pine for Molly as well?

      • The German will probably sleep for days without any one poking her to play. Noticed she’s getting a little grey on her muzzle and likes a little private quiet time everyday. The two do enjoy visits. The German has learned she can herd, bump and play rough and Molly doesn’t hold a grudge or complain. The pictures are always a blur of activity

  2. Too true… we felt so guilty going back to work. Our two girls had gotten used to us being there all day, taking them for really long walks and snuggling up on the sofa in front of cheesy Christmas movies together. They were a bit shocked when they had to go back to the usual work routine.. I sometimes wish I could take them to work with me!

  3. Dude. That photo is amazing. So. . . drapey, if that’s a word.

    Thunder sleeps with/on/under/on top of me. She gets under the covers and curls up on my side only and it drives Scott bonkers. Seymour sometimes sleeps against him (we call him a “pushasaurus”) but often he’s against me. And then Scott says the exact same thing: Why don’t *I* get any dogs?”

    By the way, have I never told you that I ADORE your comments prompt? (the “Thoughts? Gardening tips? Cocktail recipes?”) Hilarious.

    • Ha! Our dog is as big as us, so she (sadly, for her) harsher own bed. Just humans and kitties in the big bed! Occasionally she can fit on the couch, but not when in shedding-mode!

      Seymour? I had a cat named Seymour!

      I’d almost forgotten what I put for that prompt! I think I’ve only ever gotten one cocktail out of it 🙂

  4. I know what you mean. It took the entire week for my cats to get used to the routine again. I screwed up the meal routine during the holidays. They didn’t even wake me up this week, not a single morning. This morning, I even woke up late. An hour late. When I opened my eyes, Juliette was sitting in front of me, like waiting patiently, and Tigra was doing the same behind me. I looked at the clock and… WHAT? Why didn’t you wake me up. I would have liked you to wake me up, for once. Once the morning alarm goes off, they usually are quick at doing everything they can to get me off the bed. I don’t know how my ears get so dirty in the night, but they figured that licking them in the morning worked great, so they clean them. But not this week.

    When I left for work Monday morning, they were all sitting near the door, and they seem to be thinking “What the fuck are you doing? The sun isn’t even up yet!” Or perhaps that’s what I was thinking.

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