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Post-Holiday Depression in Pets?


Most of us who dislike or tolerate our day (or night) jobs probably really appreciated the time off from work over the holidays. Ireland is very generous with holiday time – I worked from 7am to 10am on Dec 24th, and didn’t have to go back until Jan 2nd. I loved it!

The ones who loved it even more were our cats. They couldn’t wait for us to sit our (spreading) arses on the couch to catch up on movies, or TV, or box sets. I’m not kidding at all when I say that they were pulling at our sleeves to hurry us up to sit back from our breakfast and make room for them to cuddle under the blanket so they could snuggle into sleep.

I said our sleeves? No. They want to sleep on me. Just me.

Poor iDJ, he gets no cats. We have a running joke because the boys are always cuddling with me.
Him, pathetically: “Why don’t I get any cats?”
Me, hopefully: “We could get two more!”
Him, sad and resigned: “No, then you’d just have four cats.”

And that is true. Because he… twitches. He fidgets. Kitties hate that shit.

Me? I can lie like a slug for hours and hours and barely move at all. Kitty heaven.

It doesn’t hurt that I’m also really warm all the time – and they know it.

So, now that we are both back to work the boys are being rather mental because they miss lap-time, couch-time, whatever you want to call it. They are unimpressed that we are no longer here 24hrs a day providing comfy warm places to sleep. I know it upsets them, poor boys. It is so damn cold in this house during the day, and not a glimmer of sunshine in a month.

It’s not all bad. My good old man Spot decided to show iDJ some love on Sunday, and was adorable in his method. I think it was one last play at keeping us home to lurve on him constantly.