Good News about Spot!


Took Spottie-Pants to the vet this morning. It wasn’t the vet we’d expected, it was the same fella that was working yesterday. Oh well…

He confirmed that it was not the turkey. Whew! He also doesn’t think there was any blockage, as he would have puked up more than just clear liquid. He said Spot had a nice full bladder (of course he did, he didn’t get to pee before we left the house!) and the colour of his gums was good, and he did several pinch-tests of his scruff to check for dehydration. All okay.

Meanwhile Spot was not himself at all. Curled up in a towel, hiding his face, not even slightly interested in checking things out. This is why I wanted the first vet – so he could see the difference in personality. Sigh.

Doc gave him a shot of steroids, and one of antibiotics – just to cover all bases, the magic combination. We also brought home pills of both – I will be having some good fun the next few days. Pilling the animals is my job. Thankfully I’m good at it. I asked how soon could we expect the steroid to work at giving him an appetite – by tonight? He doubtfully said maybe…

By lunchtime when hubby came home, he saw a marked improvement. Spot was in the window waiting for him, and while he didn’t eat any of the tuna offered, he was checking out the food area. He seemed nearly back to normal.

When I got home he was waiting at the door, said hello to me, and followed me into the kitchen. I unpacked my leftover lunch, offered him a bit of chicken (he loves this chicken, and refused it twice yesterday). He ate it! Hubby went off doing errands and I started the dishes. Suddenly I had two kitty feet planted on my thigh, and a little brown and white face looking up at me and asking for scratches.

I’d say that really was a magic shot. I am SO relieved! While we still don’t know why he did this, I’m happy enough that he seems to be getting over it right quick, with a little help.


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  1. Whew! Good news – even if cautious.All basic signs look good.
    Not a born cat person, but…have learned cats, being closer to the wild than dogs, do a great deal of healing for themselves. They tend to become introverted and withdraw when healing. It may have just been a little thing he worked out. (We often found it was an unseen puncture from a claw encounter – sometime the location would eventually “blow” open)
    Keep an eye out, but paws crossed.

    • Oh yes, I’ve seen an access before – it was disgusting. Like a chocolate-strawberry milkshake in there. Eww! I was watching him closely – he never actually hid away under the bed, etc, so it seemed not terribly bad. But not eating for days isn’t a good thing. He’s still happy out, so hopefully the worst is past!

  2. I love his ‘smile’ in this post. I’m having cat trouble this week, but I can’t get Squeak in the carrier to the vet, she goes totally ballistic on me, so the vet said to keep an eye on her. So far she is no better or worse, and she is eating normally but she has sprung a leak and leaves wet spots everywhere she lies down.

    • We don’t put Spot in a carrier, he gets free run of the car. I know that makes him a potential cat-shaped missile if we get in an accident, which is a terrible idea. But he is way happier not being confined, he isn’t used to it.

      Unfortunately it does sound like Squeak has stones either in her bladder or in her urethra – a vet visit really is in order.

  3. My sweet Mr. Ferguson is getting oral corticosteroids right now (he seems to have inflammatory bowel disease and has lost a bunch of weight), and it took about three days for the appetite to kick in. Figure it happens faster if they get a shot. Wow.

    Steroids are magic shit. If only they didn’t exact a price long term I wish we could all bathe in em. But carnivores seem to tolerate them better than we do — I know some dogs who have been on them for YEARS — so this is a good thing for Spot and something you can have done again if he has a bad patch.

    • I actually don’t want to give him the steroid pills – it seems rather overkill after such a dramatic change. I’d keep up the antibiotics of course, as you just don’t NOT take them after starting. I can’t explain it – it doesn’t entirely make sense that he’d have such a quick turnaround. Unless he’s just that smart and realises that if he keeps moping and not eating, he’ll have yet another vet visit.

      • Remember though that steroids aren’t to be stopped cold turkey even if just one shot. He may need then to get over the hump of antibiotics. They are something we hate to take but they do have their place. So glad spotty pants is feeling better.

  4. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! Things have been pretty busy for me lately–but I wanted to say that I’ve been thinking about Spot and am so glad he’s on the mend!

    • Hey, stranger! I have noticed your absence, hope it was good-busy and not ‘aaaaaa!’ busy 🙂 Thanks for the good words about my wee boy – he seems 100% back to normal and even happier than usual!

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