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Thank you all for your comments and suggestions and support. I posted and then went straight to bed, so please forgive me for not responding to any of you as I normally would – another day has now passed and it is best to just do an update post.

Spot spent another night about the same as the last one – he would sit where you out him but didn’t want to move around much on his own.

First thing this morning, I rang the vet. Background – our vet is run by brothers and they are in the office on alternate days. So the one who saw Spot on Saturday wasn’t the one I spoke to today, and if I’d gone in, it would have been the one who didn’t see him so recently. Sometimes I appreciate that I can have one veterinarian office with two opinions, but not this time.

I explained the situation, and he didn’t seem overly concerned. Basically I was told that I could bring him in if I felt like it, and that I could keep trying to tempt Spottie with treats. He didn’t seem to think the raw turkey was the catalyst.

Thinking over it again, Spot had the turkey at about 5pm and wanted more when I got up at 7:30am (and he only had the tiniest amount in the morning, not even a spoonful – he’s not used to treats in the morning). If he was going to have a problem from the turkey, shouldn’t it have hit overnight? When I have something that disagrees with me, I know it within six hours or less, and I’m dammed sure kitty metabolisms are faster. So. Maybe he ate something during the day on Monday when we weren’t home? Like plastic? A plant?

Whatever is wrong, I went to work with a heavy heart today. I hated to ‘wait and see’ another day, but I wanted to get the first vet again, and I wanted to warn my boss that I might be in late.

Do any of you feel nervous when asking for time off work to care for a sick pet? I know if I had kids no one would bat an eye. But it’s an animal. And worse, for Irish people – it’s “just a cat.” Don’t forget, they are still classed as vermin here – the same as mice or rats or badgers or mink or foxes…

But I did give warning, and that made me feel better. Because my boss said “poor cat”, and didn’t make a horrible joke or sneer at me. Whew. I know now that if I’m not happy how tonight and tomorrow go, I have a free pass with no further stress.

Now – Spot came downstairs on his own when I got home, and while he didn’t respond to my greeting, he did head right for the litterbox and had a pee. Since he leaves his tail outside the box when he goes (it’s the type with a hood and door), I could see from his habitual tail-pumping that it was a normal length pee, and didn’t cause him any pain. So he must be drinking, even if I’ve not seen him do so. He refused my attempts to give him his favourite chicken this morning, and again when I got home. He also refused some raw chicken, even though I put it in front of both him and Lokii in the hopes that his competitive spirit would overcome his lack of interest. Nope.

But! He is downstairs, and jumped up on iDJ’s lap earlier all on his own. He showed interest in playing with a bit of string, and he has responded vocally when when we say hello to him – he sounds a bit hoarse, however. He rubbed against the brush when offered (until Lokes saw it and butted in), and is rising to meet a hand that is petting him instead of just accepting it. He’s been up and down the stairs a few times, and is now cuddled with his brother in front of the fire. I’ll be in there with them soon, as it’s gotten pretty cold out here.

I’m reposting one of my favourite pictures of him.


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  1. I love that photo of Spot…such a sweet face. I’m glad to hear that he’s welcoming affection now and that’s a good sign. In regards to asking off from work for pets….sometimes it’s not much better for kids…seriously. Because I’m a single mother and my exes are complete asshats, I never get help from them so I’m completely on my own for days off for illness, appointments, etc, etc. And it has negatively affected my career over the long run. The men I work with always have someone to help them, usually their wives, whether she works or not, who the one who sacrifices her career to care for the kids. Until my kids are older and more self-sufficient, I can’t put in overtime, can’t do much work from home, can’t travel….all the things that contribute to raises and promotions. And if I’ve had a lot of illness on top of my kids (and I used to have cats too) then they do start looking askance at me when I ask for time off. So believe it or not, I know how you feel. In the end, I don’t care what any boss thinks…..our kids (furred and non-furred) are worth it. Sending healing vibes to the kitteh.

    • He doesn’t appreciate butt-scratches like he usually does, another indicator that his guts are bothering him. I think I will take him in tomorrow morning.

      Wow, another reason why America isn’t the land of milk and honey. Irish people are allll about the kids – well, they would be, being a mostly catholic culture – and men as well as women get time off when a baby comes. An employer would be in big trouble here if they discriminated against a parent needing time off.

  2. Ahh okay how is his breath?? if it is stinky he may have a small piece of bone or something in his throat which would have him unlikely to want to eat..have a good sniff,even maybe a tooth issue..hope you get some answers soon for the poor little man 😦 sending hugs Fozziemumxx

  3. I agree, that’s a good picture!

    I must second DRangedinaz, things aren’t much easier for parents with children. Parents can legally take a day off for a child here, but I’ve heard things such as “isn’t there anyone who could stay with him for the day?”. So, someone else has to stay home from work at your place?

    I’ve never took a day off because of pets, but I wouldn’t hesitate if I had to. I already figure the conversation on the phone, as my boss isn’t a pet person and would likely not understand. “You can fire me if you like, but I’m taking a day off for my cat.” (the French version of that would sound a lot worst than what I can render in English lol)

    When Catou went to the vet for pyometra, the vet was nice enough to offer an arrangement. Before I even needed to mention it, she asked what was my work schedule, and suggested when I could see her and pick her up based on that. It’s a rather large vet office, and I can fully get that it’s probably not as easy in smaller places. I don’t say these days spent at work while Catou was at the vet were my better days, but I’d rather go to work than stay home and freak out, with nothing else on my mind.

    I mentioned in a previous comment about my friend who lost her cat. I was her boss back then, and back then it was okay for an employee to just call the team leader rather than the actual supervisor when sick. I already knew the thing because she had told me (as a friend) the night before. When she called to say she wasn’t really feeling well, I said it was okay. When reporting to my boss (the supervisor) I simply said she called sick. Didn’t mention anything about a cat. (Because of past abuses, employees have to call supervisor directly now.)

    • Our vet will work with us, within ability. They have lives to go home to, too – even with sick babies staying at the clinic overnight, that need checked on every few hours. I’m amazed any vet can manage to have a family life!

      I am an incredibly bad liar, so if I don’t tell the truth I turn a bright shade of red and sound like a robot that giggles at inappropriate times. Actually, the giggle is a giveaway on its own, I don’t giggle.

      I feel badly that I need to come in late for Dr appointments all the time. It’s harder when it isn’t ME. I am sure I’m carrying over some of my American expectations of how employers treat you (like shit) when asking for an hour here and there…

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