I think I made Spot worse


Hiya. I’m still in a bad headspace because of Spottie’s disease which has evidenced itself in a really bad way; I did something really stupid on Sunday. I rather thought that talking about him on the blog would make it better – isn’t that what everyone says? I know I keep the serious shit to myself. The things that “get” to me simmer below the surface: I don’t even realise that I’ve gone a bit insane. I don’t even realise I’ve changed. I don’t realise that I’m not 100% – not that I ever really am at 100%. Who is?

I screwed up with Spot, it seems. We had a turkey on Sunday, and it of course came with all the ooky bits like gizzards and skin and liver and heart. Yuck – but great for feeding raw to your animals. Now, I know not to give too much of the liver at one time, that’s some strong stuff. I cut little chunks off of everything and both cats were gobbling it up (excuse the pun). I was happy, as they didn’t want any ooky bits of our last turkey – probably last November. I thought, ‘fantastic, all that natural moisture will be great for Spot!’ So, I let him have a bit more than I normally would have. He wanted more!

Apparently not so much. He didn’t want his wet food last evening. Lokii didn’t eat it either. Now, I amn’t sure exactly why Lokes didn’t. Either it smelled funny, or he knew his brother wasn’t feeling good and preferred to take care of him over having a tasty snack.

Lokii has been stuck like glue to Spot’s side. Spot has just been sitting, in the loaf-of-bread-pose, most of the time since last evening. He doesn’t want loving. He will cuddle if placed on a lap or under the bedcovers with a person. He doesn’t want food. I haven’t seen him drink, but have seen him pee. He barfed a few times, nothing but clear liquid. Hubby slept in the spare room, because Spot was curled up dead centre under his pillow and he didn’t want to disturb him. I didn’t sleep much last night, waking up to see how Spot was doing, and missing the human body in my bed, too.

He’s better tonight, but despite showing excitement over his favourite treat, he didn’t eat any. Currently he’s curled up in the crook of my knee, in front of the fire, with Lokii being the bread-loaf next to him, keeping watch.

I’m not too surprised that Lokii is such a good caregiver. I know Spot would probably prefer to feel terrible all by himself – that’s what cats do. Lokes refuses to leave his side, however. He always has refused to take no for an answer from his big brother.

I really want to post some fun pictures that I took before all this shit came down, but it seems I’m still not ready – this post started off as a general update on Spot, to segue into fun pics. But I’m not ready. So here’s a great pic of the boys trying to share our bar-stool chair, taken on Friday.


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  1. Remember sllloooow changes in diet. Just cause an animal wants more doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. And I’m sorry but I’m not in the “raw chicken bits” fed to animals camp either. I know your kitties are used to it but still, delicate tummies. I think that he just got a bit too much and it upset his tummy. As long as he’s still peeing you’re good. keep an eye on his “output” as I know you already are.
    He’s got the best mommy ever.

    • This rings a bell, what we’ve been through over here w/ liver treats. No biggie in our case — although the advice to hie thee to a vet is good in Spotster’s situation — but for us it just took a modicum of time for the boys to recover their tummies, little portions of “normal” food fed more frequently with warm water added, until crisis over. Paws crossed and reassuring vibes coming your way.

  2. Eating and drinking right now is important. When in doubt, go to the vet. I agree on that. Maybe you can see how it goes tomorrow. If he still wants treats, I suppose he’s not that sick? I really don’t know. You can always call your vet tomorrow and ask for their opinion. They’ll probably tell you to come by, but maybe that’s for the best then?
    Hope he feels better ASAP!

  3. Oh damn i don’t want to freak you out but i would vet trip! Doc always had marrow bones always one day same thing..not eating vomiting and bad bowels..vet trip and it was pancreatitis he can’t tolerate fatty marrow anymore,he was in hospital three days and scared the crap out of me..if you feel it’s not right then trust your instincts.I do hope he is okay,and don’t go whacking yourself in the head..we all do stuff with the best of intentions and stuff up…i am the queen of it! hugs to you all xxx

  4. Too much liver is not good, indeed, but I doubt a one-time-event would cause any serious problem. Liver isn’t toxic, just rich.

    In fact, one of the important thing with raw feeding is to give them a little of everything, but nobody said it had to be all in a single meal. Most raw feeders (the real ones, not those who just put a duck in a blender and serves ground meat to cats) alternate between different ingredients each meal, so the cats get everything they need over a week.

    But yes, whatever it is, do not please hesitate to see your vet. We are just bloggers, we have good intentions, but we don’t know shit. If there is any financial issue, don’t be shy or ashamed about it, let us know. Some of us may be able to help, me first.

    You’ve been on a plane, remember what they say? If oxygen masks drop from the ceiling, put your mask *first*, and then help the children and other people around. Take care of yourself darling. If you ever need to talk, know that I’m here. Until what is early hours to you. Yeah yeah, there’s that harsh accent of mine, but I type fast you know. Just take care of you, too. Spot needs you.

  5. I’ll hold your baby in my thoughts til he’s better. If he’s refusing water(and food) he needs to be seen after a day or two because in any animal, that’s a not-very-good-sign. 😦

    But if he’s peeing, that is a good sign since he’s got to be drinking otherwise he’d stop peeing too.

    Blessings to you, family and kitty x 2

  6. oh, and I was so hopeful his good appetite was a good sign. But I would at least CALL the vet. I second what fozziemum said — don’t bash yourself, we all try to do the right thing and because they’re cats, we can’t know how it’s actually affecting them right away. Even vets don’t always know what to do right, but it would be another opinion. Cats tend to refuse food if they feel the slightest bit off — we’ve all seen that. I’m glad his buddy is hanging out with him.

  7. Not sure is my last comment went through..

    I am very sorry to hear about Spot, and am sending healing purrs his way!

    On an unrelated note, you are the winner of the “I See Kitty” book giveaway on my blog. Please email me at catsparella@gmail.com to claim your prize!

  8. Loaf of bread pose – that’s the perfect description.
    We have learned to rarely offer people food to RC who has a delicate tummy. It never goes well. Changing food also created issues if done too quickly. (some of that vet food just doesn’t appeal to animals – even my sister-in-law vet hesitates to suggest it as it is refused so much)
    Home made chicken broth spoon fed may help – you can mush bland white bread for more substance -done this with elderly dogs and cats when they refused everything. Seems to help tummies recover and give strength untl they will eat food.
    So hope Spot perks up… does he like a warming pad on his tummy? Old TIger appreciated one as he aged and felt bad.
    All paws sending energy and hope!

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