Where is Rockin’ the Purple?


Has anyone heard from Laurel / lahgitana? I’ve sent a couple of emails but no response. I’m worried… She last posted July 13, and I last heard from her on July 30.

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      • You know the odd thing is that I thought she had created a “CaringBridge” site for Big Mister to post on in case something bad should ever happen. This is a great site for people with health issues, very much like a blog except you need to subscribe to it so it’s a little more private. I think I remember she posted a thing or two on that site a long time ago. So when I tried to find the site again now, I couldn’t find it. I mean, I could find CaringBridge fine, of course I could b/c I have other friends who use it — but couldn’t find Laurel. Argh. I mean really argh!!

  1. Hum! :s Just a few days ago, the thought of her passed my mind, as I noticed I haven’t heard of her in quite a while. I only knew her from your blog, reading and having fun with her in your comment area.

  2. I’m actually pretty close to the end of my ideas. I find it upsetting that I can grow to love someone I’ve never met, and when they disappear I’m left with little in the way to find out why. I have her email, her Skype, another website… But no idea what city she lives in. I’m pretty upset. I know we all strive for privacy online as best we can. But what do we do when this happens?

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