Bloggers and Friends and Privacy and Worry


Right, I have enough small things to post every day for weeks at this point! Just little bits of WTF or things I found interesting.

However, I’m not exactly cheerful and not exactly in the mood for playing around. I’m still worried about my friend. You other bloggers know that of the hundreds, maybe thousands! of followers you have, some are just super special and you know you would have a fabulous time with them in real life. Rockin’ the Purple is one of those people I wish I lived next door to. You others know who you are – but do I know what city you live in? Do I have your partner’s email, or even their name? Who can I contact if you go away for months and I miss you, and start to worry?

Yeah I know, I can make up stuff to worry about quite easily. However, this is a real problem, and it will get bigger as our relationships are changed by the Internet.

Perhaps we need to set up some sort of database for this. I sure dislike putting my close details out there for the world, and out of habit I don’t share a lot of personal information of the type that could be used to contact my family, if I went missing. Hubby knows I have a list of my passwords, so he could notify people on my behalf, if needed. He would think of it, too – as he’s a big ol’ geek.

But what about those who don’t have someone like him? Older people, single people? Are we just meant to forget how they touched our lives, because we don’t get an email update about a new blog post for several months? I cannot do that.

So, if any of you wish to send me an email with contact info, for a just in case scenario – I promise that I will never, ever, abuse that trust. And in return if any of you want my hubby’s email, just ask.

I dislike this feeling of helplessness. I wish I would have thought of this before a friend went missing.

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  1. I’m in too and my email is up top under contact. I’ve made a few very close friends thru this medium thus agree with you tho would be very careful. I remember rockin the purple and it might be she’s still around. I’ll check something and email you in case she prefers to remain silent or not public. xox

  2. You do have to be very careful these days. Stalkers and trolls are not fun.
    I’ve seen a couple of bloggers disappear and eventually searched around and found email. Both cases, there had been a terrible event and they simply weren’t up to being on line – but were grateful someone checked on them – and we’ve had a few emails back and forth. Sometimes you do worry. Nice when people leave some sort of message on their blog – will stay in touch!

  3. I hope you find out what’s happening with your friend. I always come back on after taking a day, a week, a month, or many months off. Sometimes I need the time spent not interacting with anyone. Hopefully that’s all that’s going on!

  4. Ugh, I’m worried about L too. 😦
    Maybe I should give my bf my password too, just in case. (we dont know each others PW’s). I’ve sent L a mail too, but no response.

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