I’m sitting here on my arse in front of the fire, as I do. Goofing off online, as we all do. My Siamese Lokii always hangs out with me when the fire is lit, because it’s a fire and he’s a Siamese. Wee sleekit heatseeking missiles, them Siameses.

Anyhoo, I was checking my email. And there was a comment from my blog-friend Minlit! Well, for some reason Lokii was fascinated with her simple, black circle Gravitar image. So he stuck his nose on it. Apparently kitty-noses work like people-fingers, as Minlit’s Gravitar page opened right up in Safari. How cute! Of course then the black circle was a lot larger, so he tried to touch it with his paw a few times, hoping it would move.

He got bored, and I went back to my mailbox. Instantly he touched the circle and we were back to Safari again. Left paw on the screen, pat pat pat. Ha! So I opened up my one and only ‘cat game’ for iPad (it was free, and it kinda sucks). He proceeded to ignore it entirely. Sigh.

I got off my arse and got my phone, so I could take a pic of him in case he went after the Gravitar again. Sat back down, opened my mail… Nothing. Little bastard!

I’m stubborn, however. And I found out that if I wobbled the iPad on my leg, he thought what was on the screen was moving. Hehehe:

Lokes managed to open the page in Safari a third time, good boy!

And that’s my excitement for the night.

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    • Speaking in tongues? Maybe our keyboard-cats are trying, badly, to convert us to some strange religion. I have no keyboard, and so far Lokes has no interest in the digital keypad thingie or whatever it’s called. But the boys always turn iDJ’s music off on the big Mac. I think they read my mind.

  1. Loki is the perfect name for a Siamese (who are not your average cat) RC is quite impressed ( or she at least opened one eye)…now RC wants her own iPad (something about perhaps staff can be trained by it to provide amusement for HRH as Loki managed)

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