Irish Music Celebration!


Hubby’s got another good show tonight! On in just a couple minutes as we haven’t done our time change yet and all is a panic!


Again, go to Radio23 channel A to tune in, or I’ll be posting the podcast link later on! Thank you.

Edit: the podcast is here.

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  1. I saw that you were interested in quantum theory. Are you familiar with “non-locality”? If so, what do you think its implications are? If not, you should check it out; it’s pretty amazing! Really liked your “According to the Tupperware, I’m about two quarts low” story!

    • Totally freaking awesome is what I think! Possibilities in teleportation and perhaps sooner, the ability to communicate instantly in space. Absolutely boggles my mind that all the big stuff we handle daily behaves in one way, but the little bits that make up the big stuff behave in ways that make no logical sense (yet). I’m terrible with mathematics, but the ideas are astonishing and give me hope for amazing things in our future. Thanks for the appreciation of my bloodbath tale!

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