Gratuitous cat photo


Have to share this. I can’t take the credit, however – hubby took this while Spot was perched on his chest, blocking his view of the Wales/Ireland rugby match. Ireland won, by the way. 😎

I can’t stop staring at his nose… It’s just perfect. The line of fur against the pink, and the black, setting it off, and every perfect hair…I just love this pic. Amazing what an iPhone camera can do!

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  1. Well, it’s a cat. And cat’s are really good to get more likes on a blog, aren’t they? 🙂

    His nose is indeed interesting. Does it always look like that, or is it the picture that suddenly got it to stand out?

    • Hence ‘gratuitous.’ 😈

      If I got my face that close to his face, he’d get irritated and leave – so I’m not sure. I know he has a tan patch on his schnozz that isn’t showing up here. Spot doesn’t like big squishy kisses like Lokii does. Apparently cameras in his face are acceptable but his humans swooping in for kisses is distasteful.

      I think it’s the cartoon-like line around his nose that fascinates me so? I mean, his eye looks great but all I can stare at is that nose.

      • Yes, I also thought it looked like a cartoon. It almost looks photoshopped.

        I tell you, I wish I could write like you do. Even in a comments, you make absolutely no typo or mistake, and your phrases are built in a style which I absolutely love. But excuse me a second, two of my cats are requesting their dinner…

        Back to topic, you have to learn to think and act as a cat. If you just put your face there in front of their, you will obviously disturb them. They don’t really understand our kisses, they even seem to find them disgusting. Why would someone touch my lips with their lips? But if you do it the way cats do, you can do pretty much anything you want.

        Observe how cats give affection to each other (at least, what we interpret to be affection, though it’s possibly something else). They will gladly get their face together for two different reasons which I noticed. The first one, the most useful, is to smell each other. Cats like to smell each other’s nose. So you pretend you want to smell their nose, and (at least mine) let me do it and take the occasion to also smell my own nose (which probably look big and disgusting to them… why do we have such ugly noses?). While I pretend to do that, I am allowed to watch them very close, and have an intimate moment with them.

        The next one, look how they rub their cheeks together. The real aim is to rub their mustaches together, so as to exchange their smell. But I love to do that to them. It’s, to me, the equivalent of a human kiss. They seem to like it to a lesser extend when I’m just back from work (I assume we, humans, have a terrible smell), It serves no purpose if your aim is to look at them really close, however. Stick to the first trick and take the rest as just rumbling or someone who got to much wine tonight.

        • Aww, thank you! I worry over my writing, especially when I am responding to someone who has a different language than English as their primary voice. I was aware that I was using unusual words before and and hoped that it wasn’t too much! I also have sentence-structure confusion as Europeans put words in a different order than Americans, so I suspect I change my patterns a lot – especially if I go back and edit instead of letting my original sentence stand. As far as typos go, I’d be mortified. I know I make them but it’s a huge embarrassment if I do!

          Spot is endlessly fascinating to me, as he is a cat with wild-cat genes. He will let me rub his eyes in the same way I rub my own, and loves it! And I think most cat-people know how appreciated a finger in the ear is, for a cat. It’s a bit sticky (have you noticed how they love the smell of their own ear-wax?) and requires a hand-washing, but they love it. I’ve had him since he was born and he does not want my face close to his, when its my idea. The Siamese and I have a forehead/nose-bump thing we do all the time, but not Spot! That said, the pair of them are cheek-to-cheek right now on my legs, whiskers intertwined.

          • Do not change your style or wording. At least, not for me. When I stumble upon an unknown word, I look it up and learn a thing. I do a lot of typos in my comments, because I don’t usually read myself again before posting them, as I do for a post.

            Hum, I don’t put my fingers in their ears. I do rub the corner of their eyes though, to get rid of the mucus (Dianda said it’s called mucus). They don’t like it, but they mostly let me do, because I always did and it lasts just a second. I don’t know if they understand why I do it.

            Oh I forgot that other method. Rubbing foreheads. I do that a lot too.

            Spot is an interesting cat 🙂

    • Oh, Rumpy! I’m so sorry, I changed my email and lost all of my notifications. I actually follow more blogs than I have followers myself, and I forgot a few – okay a lot – and I haven’t been to see you since Christmas. 😦 Thank you for the comment and needed reminder!

            • Boston Terrier. Yep – she’s a kisser. I do keep her away from poops in the park during her walk and luckily she’s not limber enough to lick her butt. What kind do you have?

            • Akitas are gorgeous! I’ve always loved them. Sadly, my lack of a lawn has stopped me from having one. Not too many catlike traits that I’ve noticed. She is a tyrant, though.

            • ‘Tyrant’ sounds like Beanie! I did a drawing of her on here, somewhere. My friend’s dog, not mine – all my girl’s colours and her black face make her too hard for me to draw. We have a tiny back garden, only enough room for the dog to poop in three times before she starts trying to unload in the places we all walk, instead 🙂 She’s my first Akita, I expected more aggression and have been disappointed. I know that sounds odd but that’s why I picked the breed. She’s also my first female dog so maybe that’s part of it, I am used to massively aggressive males and I literally scared the pee out of her as a pup. I’ve learned my lesson, but it seems too late for her to be my friend now, she’s still terrified of me 😦

            • I’ll have to look around on your blog to find it. I’m much happier with female dogs than male. They don’t engage in territorial marking and that’s fine with me. I think that you need to make an effort to learn her trust more. Sounds easy to say, but the benefits are great. You get a faithful friend that will stand with you and never run. Maybe someone can give you pointers on developing that relationship, I would just use lots of affection and steady behavior. Good luck!

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