What I learned this week Dec 3 – 9


Well, I just learned that I thought it was still November, when I was putting in the dates up there. Sheesh.

You already know, but it bears repeating: I learned that hubby can’t put the lights on a Christmas tree. Awww.

I learned that Bear, who hasn’t ever met iDJ, is still willing to make fun of him. I love that! Those two will get along so well when they finally meet.

I learned that when I told hubby the top of the tree looked bare, he was willing to try to fix it. He took a stance quite similar to Bear’s while doing so:

His arse isn’t really that big. Those are my sweats he’s wearing; I stretched them out. His hair is that poofy, though, when it needs a wash! Yes, it’s a crappy iPad photo and hard to see. The brownish oval thingie behind his back (the brownish oval thingie that is bigger than the arse I was worried you would think is fat) is actually the rest of his hair. Floofy in human form!

I learned I have to wait until February for more Walking Dead. And, I like the show so much better now that a certain person is no longer part of the cast. I don’t ‘do’ spoilers, no fair asking who annoyed me so much! Guesses are accepted.

I learned that we have all of season three of The Killing (Danish version), so now I know that my TV for the holiday season is sorted, even without zombies. Wonder if Sarah Lund gets a new jumper this season?

I learned that I’m more likely to draw something if someone asks me to. Ask away! I need inspiration, it seems.

I learned that I’m getting a shit-ton of spam lately, mostly on my face-chewing and Poulnabrone posts. Wtf? Why those? And why is all the spam about knock-off handbags? When did I ever mention handbags, except to say I don’t use one? Must be a holiday thing. I expect you are all getting the same spam sandwiches, too.

I learned that someone in the UK has been reading a lot of my past nonsense. Thank you! But please say hello now and again? I’m rather sad that my older posts get no lurve anymore (not that I have the time to read back on anyone’s blog, either).

I learned my town finally stopped using full-sized incandescent light bulbs on the town tree! The bratty hellspawn locally would break the ones they could reach, and the cost to keep them lit? Ouch on tender dog-feet and ouch to the city’s electric bill. But unless the little brats bring pliers with them, the new LED’s should be safe.

We learned that we were the only two people wearing holiday hats at the tree-lighting ceremony. Except for Bella the greyhound with her antlers, we were the only ones dressed for the occasion.

Ok so this wasn’t taken at the lighting ceremony, this is Bella being a grey at home on the couch. Tonight it was too dark, even next to the LED tree, for my phone. iDJ’s fancy new(er) one that has a flash decided it had no battery left (a dirty, stinking iPhone lie, we found out, after we got home). Bella looked much more festive tonight in her new jacket and holiday-themed collar.

I learned, on Friday, that I get another chance at having a needle stuck into my spine this Tuesday. Hopefully they will have a spot for me this time. I was looking forward to sharing this pretty scary experience with you last week, and it depressed me when it fell through.

Finally, I learned that Spottie still is obsessed with strings. Its probably been two years since we let him play with a cotton cord, because he goes, well, a bit OCD. Today I brought something out of the box room (a kitty no-go zone) and it had strings. (I can’t say what, it involved making something for gifts). Spot went nuts when he saw the first string, and started chirping in the way that I know means ‘MAKE IT MOOOOVE!’ It’s probably my fault as I know exactly what every tone of meow means, and I shouldn’t translate for iDJ as he’s a big sucker. I kept up with my work, but hubby chose to be trained by the cat. Over and over, for at least an hour. Many hours later, the strings are on the floor and Spot is obsessively sitting near them, staring, and asking me, iDJ, and even the dog to MAKE IT MOVE.

Back in the box room for another few years, I think.


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  1. hoo-boy, a needle in your spine?! yikes!

    About drawing–we’re not having a tree or any shiny thingies this year because of my energy levels–wanna draw me a shiny sparkly tree or wreath or somethin’? <:-D

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