Madra Sneachta


That says ‘snow dog’ in Irish, by the way…

I normally don’t put my copyright on blog photos, but one of these is really good. And hubby took them so I’m not keen on all the mad Google image searchers just taking these without asking. So, ask. Please.

Lagitana asked for a holiday scene with snow, done by me via the Brushes app. I immediately thought of Neko in the snow two years ago, because iDJ only recently realised he never uploaded the pics to FB. Problem is, this dog is hard to draw! So, Ms L, I thought I would give you these gawjus shots of our girl trying to catch snowballs. If you really want a copy ask and I’ll send without the copyright muck on top.

Leaping for the kill


That’s my favourite one. So intent on the snowball!

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  1. yaaaaaaaay! each time I look at the pics, I think — ooooo that’s my favorite… no, that one is…. but this one is really amazing! so , I think they’re all my favorites!

    thank you, my dear dear Spiders! I’ll have me a silly smile for a while…. !!!

  2. Love the pics of your pooch! My lab mix used play like that….she’d bury her snout into the snow and throw snow up in to the air and then try to bite it on the way down. She was such a smart girl. 🙂

  3. What great pictures! Neko is beautiful. (I’m impressed you got pix – Molly is either running so fast so all I get is blur or asleep)
    The German loves the snow, I’m told.
    Molly here dances in the rain, and sloshes in the mud – would like to take her to some snow – she’s got the coat for it!

    • Oh, mud is a definite no-go with Neko’s white legs! She doesn’t care for rain, which is good when it rains so much here. She’s more of a pristine white nowadays – we used to leave a collar on her indoors and it left that brownish stain around her ruff. That’s why she only gets one on walkies now! And gets overexcited when it comes out of the closet, bad hubby for letting that happen…
      I’m glad to hear the German has some more joy in her life 🙂
      It’s a good camera, quite old now but I’m impressed how clear these are, too.

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