Hey, do I go to work tomorrow or not? Took the day off for a medical appointment, came home to find it cancelled. I have 12 holiday days left before the end of year, which they will pay me for if unused, but I’m also about 2 months behind as there’s so much work.

Answers by comment please, I can’t seem to put up a poll!

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  1. Take the day. It’s a luxury and people aren’t pampering themselves enough…helps you stay calm and able to tolerate stress better…and being behind is stressful, but one day off isn’t going to change the work load much, but a relaxed smug you might find it easier to deal with!
    Must enjoy life once in a while.

  2. They gave you vacation days. I’d use ’em. Recharge the batteries a little as you go. You’d already scheduled the day off, dear. Use it.

    As for guilt: how’s their guilt level about asking you to work on a Saturday? Over and over again?! I’m going with ZERO.

    And the workload is not your responsibility–unless you’ve become part owner recently! You’ll NEVER catch up because that’s how they’ve structured THEIR company.

    Nobody but you will ever remember how hard you worked, girl. Take good care of yourself.

    • They asked again this weekend. The day after an uncomfortable meeting where I was asked what the hell is taking me so long to do my job. The same day they said don’t do your job all day today, do this instead. I’ll send an email and tell my supervisor it was cancelled, but I’m taking the day anyhow. At midnight. Hehehe.

      • cheeky sods, ain’t they?! can’t win as an employee, I swear….

        it’s never about us, it’s always about them…. it’s just that the package can seem so shiny that it distracts from the basics– they hire us to make money for THEM.

        enjoy your day tomorrow… hope you wander around your house…. thinking about nothing… maybe drawing?! or thinking about drawing….

        I just figured out the title of your next masterpiece: Two Balls in a Tree.

        (hahahahahahahh! first time I’ve amused myself in an age! thank you for the opportunity! of course, I don’t know why that should be funny!)

          • It occurred to me later that here in sue-happy USA, we don’t have to tell our employers much about a medical appt day off, just that we have an appt.

            If you are given no medical leave, just vacation, then a medical appt day off is definitely none of their business, only yours. So, you request a vacation day. Period.

            Don’t have to tell ’em yer goin to see your Aunty Sue or having your brain cleansed in an all-day appt. They don’t get to know!

            Then you get paid for the day off! yaaaaaaay!

            None o’ their beeswax! It takes a bit of practice to act is if they aren’t Mom and Dad who must know one’s every move.

            I really hope you got your hour with your popcorn, girl. Maybe two?! <:-D

            • I told em it was for a “medical procedure.” That is all. It doesn’t matter, I was using a holiday day for it anyhow. Not much likelihood of me getting another appointment before Xmas, either.

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