I did take today off, and did not let my work know that my hospital appointment was cancelled. I slept in until the lazy-ass hour of 9:30, drank coffee until my smokes ran out, and then walked into town, even though hubby left me the car and biked to work. I’ve not had a walk into town by myself in months, and I’ve missed it. Used to go nearly every day with the dog…

So, icy rain, and a lot of it. I can deal with that. I do own a hat and boots. I bought my smokes and had a chat with the ladies at the paper shop where my mother in law works, and then met her, herself, on the street and had another chat. Then I bought popcorn, and my addiction: Snyder’s of Hanover Buffalo Wing Pretzel Bites. I’m drooling just typing that. American snacks are rare here, and plain pretzels are considered rather disgusting. But the Snyder’s ones have managed to stick around for at least a year. Cost €2 a small bag, too. They are a real day-off treat.

Had another long talk with a good friend at his workplace on the main street, and got home in time to put up most of the tree lights before hubby got home for lunch. After he went back to work, I finished the tree lights (but nothing else) and turned on the TV for 2002 reruns of CSI (great to nap to) and curled up on the couch with not only both cats, as usual, but the dog, too.

Neko irritates the shit out of me, because if I ask her to come up on the couch, she runs and hides. But if I get my blankets sorted out and act like I’m going to lie down for a bit, she invites herself up. I do not get this behaviour. Sigh. I expect her to be happy to be invited, and obey. The couch is an invitation-only space for her. Or it’s meant to be, anyway. iDJ can ask her and she jumps right up with a smile. Did I kick her off for the presumption? No. She’s already terrified of me, why make it worse? I miss my previous dog. Not been able to talk about him here, yet.

Well. Anyway. I’m a bit sad as today is the one-year anniversary of the day I got the most hits on my blog. Not come close since, and with an hour left in my day, I’m at one of the lowest counts ever. Why do I even care, really? But I thought maybe today, as it was meant to go, might have been interesting: instead? the above. Yay for having a job again, hmmm? All I can do on a day off is be a slug. I can’t even say that I’m less stressed for having more money. I’m more stressed. Way, way, more stressed. I’m exhausted, I feel terrible all of the time, and I do nothing that is fun. If it might actually be fun, I get no joy of it.

Whatever. I have to go to bed. Got to get up and brave the icy roads in the morning.

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Immigrant American living in Ireland. Sarcastic, decrepit. Loads of interests: reading, plants, pets, food, art, writing, drinking, space, politics, feminism, quantum theory. Not 'girly' and not interested in being so.

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  1. I’ve had to tell myself to ignore the volume of my blog traffic. Some people, including the wonderful sassy woman who got me into blogging, have hardly been on blogs in a couple years, one friend who launched a terrific blog decided he had to take it down and stop participating on other because of worry about offending friends who came across it… etc etc. And I’m sure I’ve pissed off more than a few people by being an unrepentant curmudgeon who hates children. I’m just saying what I think and hoping to bump up against people who think the same way.

    • I mostly do. But when I go to empty the spam (which is really bad lately) I always see that date, Dec 4 2011, as being my highest traffic date. And the comparison of my life between then and now is really depressing. That’s what I get for being hopeful, better to stick with my pessimism.

  2. Hang in there, Spidey. Does it help to review this fact: 122 followers? If I repeat that? 122 followers? 122 people who are subscribed, who are waiting to hear what’s going on with you? Hmm. Black clouds can be mighty dark. And puffy. Specially in December. Hang in there.

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