What I learned this week Nov 19-Dec 2


Oh, dear. The first thing I learned was right after my last post. I learned that my husband doesn’t know how to wash a really, really, sharp knife.

He’s lucky that at the bottom of that deep cut there’s the green scratchy bit that didn’t slice so easily. Or I would have been learning, again, about Ireland’s A&E waiting room. I also learned he never even knew he did this.

I learned that when I squeeze the old water and suds out of a bifurcated sponge, it squirts all over me, and the floor, and it is best to just retire it and get a new one. I’m thrifty, and will use it for something disgusting before I throw it out; but I’m not so thrifty I will put up with a squirting clown-flower for a dish sponge.

I just learned there was a bad car crash locally, and I might be going to another funeral soon. We were out driving about the same time, the fog was pretty bad. Hope I’m wrong about the funeral.

Speaking of cars and driving, I learned that black ice is quite possible in Ireland. And I learned my car is a deathtrap. It’s only my years of driving in Ohio snow that kept me on the road, albeit not in the direction I wanted the car to go. Warmer weather this week, new tires next weekend I hope.

I learned…no. I knew, but just confirmed, that I will never spell tire ‘tyre’ on my blog. I might have to do it at work but NO, not here. I also will not pronounce the letter Z, when spelling something out loud, as ‘zed.’ It’s a Zee, and that is that. I also will always say vy-tah-min and not vit-ah-min. I just cannot do it.

I learned that my Irish and English coworkers still know what I mean when I say zee and don’t even raise an eyebrow. Heh.

I learned that the socks that tried to kill me are about the warmest damn socks ever, and I love them.

I learned that after all the years I’ve done it, I still expect my animals to be freaked out when we bring in the Christmas tree. I’m either really good at having/training indoor pets, or I somehow picked ones that are entirely laid-back and mellow. We brought in a tree seven feet tall, nearly five foot wide at the base, stinking of tree and all the places a tree could possibly have been and of all the animals that could have possibly peed on it, or lived in it, not to mention the parking lot and van we shoved it into. And they ignored it entirely. All of them. Even the cat that never sees or smells a tree until we drag one into the house once a year. Not learned much here about them, just about me wondering why they are such good ‘kids.’

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  1. I have not had any truck with the tree thing since about 1976, I think it was. But over at my Engineer beau’s group house, there was a tradition for a while of erecting a silver foil tabletop tree (some people in the house were allergic to real trees) and decorating it with the ornaments of the Disney villainesses, like the Evil Queen in Snow White, with purple lights. Weird household. Don’t get me started.

    This lasted until the year the youngest member of the household was allowed to adopt a kitten, a runt of the litter who proceeded to eat himself quite plump. Early in this process he encountered The Tree, and climbed it. End of that tradition. Intimidated, he was not.

    These days I string colored lights in the bathroom.

    • You should just leave those up year-round. Festivus for the rest of us! Lokii is a scaredy-cat, but he’s not scared of the tree, just…slightly interested. I think the furkids believe we are totally insane.

  2. This year we are avoiding the big tree and putting a little one up on a table. We’ve already warned people not to be dismayed. Molly runs by trees and bushes in the yard and if they smack her in the face or back she turns around and pulls them out of the ground…even if she has to spend time digging up their roots…so this year no train around the giant tree.

    • You might be surprised! We got Neko in October, and she had very little time to get used to us and being inside before we brought the outdoors in! I still had a job then, too, so she was home alone and still behaved. The cats are worse, playing with the balls. Neko just gets annoyed that she can’t see out the front window anymore.

  3. Okay, I can’t hold back, your hubby’s an IDIOT!! I mean REALLY!!! Every creature on the planet is able to learn “ouch that hurts. bad. don’t do that again”. There is something fundamentally wrong with him. He may need chainmail gloves from now on. And WHO washes the sharp side of the friggin knife???? OK, you know I LOVE him dearly but keeeeyRist *eyeroll*

    • I bet even Saige has already learned ‘ouch!’
      Yes, he’s a bit blonde. Ok, a lot blonde. He admits he’s schtupid at times. I’ve added that to the list of things that, when someone tells you, you believe them. I know ‘I’m an asshole’ is always to be taken seriously. Now ‘I’m an eejit’ goes in the list.

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