Blowing through the cobwebs of my mind


Ever wonder why I subtitled my blog, ‘blowing through the cobwebs of my mind’?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. No one has ever asked, anyway.

But I never let that stop me. Here’s my thought process: there’s a song like that, sort of. It sounds cool. Wonder if anyone will get it?

Since either no one got it, or everyone got it (either way no one said a woid), I am now talking about it. See what happens when I make an effort to do this daily? You get this sort of shite! Aren’t you sorry now?

And I thought the song I had in mind was Windmills of Your Mind, a beautifully melancholy song, the corrupted lyrics of which I read in a version in Cracked Magazine circa 1980-something. I still have the magazine, but it’s up in the attic and I don’t love you enough to climb the Ladder Of Doom, stumble over a million bits of junk, find the box, and dig through it just so I can prove that I still own it, and type out their version of the lyrics. But after a massively failed attempt to Google it, I could be persuaded. I’ve got some treasures in that box.

But there’s another song which clearly works better. Since AlienRedQueen reminded me how much I like their music, I’ve been listening to a lot of Type O Negative, a band described as ‘Gothic Metal’ (a big part of what they did, but they were more flexible than that category). I love their version of Seals & Croft’s 1972 hit, Summer Breeze.
The video is shite, just listen. The band was gone before the ‘net exploded into what it is today.

I mentally hear that wonderfully bass voice singing ‘cobwebs’ instead of ‘jasmine’. Even if you hate this sort of thing (Sled, I’m talking to you) give a cursory listen, just for me?

If you don’t, I might devote a whole post to how you can get my hubby’s Halloween podcast. It’s pretty damn cool…

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  1. I never really cared for Seals and Croft, though heard it plenty–too much harder 60s music banging in my head, but this stuff is fun!!

    Now I know why your subtitle has been familiar!! >:-D I think I must have extrapolated from somethin’ sittin’ in my brain, so “knew” there were no questions to be had.

    (Miss, I saw that you had stopped by. I’m having a hard time talking about this much more than a blog post…. thank YOU for being HereThere.)

  2. I totally got the reference, at least I think…..”Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind….”, except in your case, cobwebs….I’m allergic to jasmine anyway. 🙂

  3. I actually don’t care for their version, but to be fair to them there are very very few remakes that I don’t despise. Seriously, I think I like maybe 3.

    I liked Bloody Kisses, but didn’t like October Rust as much, so my mind wondered away. I’m still sad though that the singer died. 😦

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