Happy Halloween!


I’m blogging in the candlelight in front of the fireplace. Warming up after freezing my patootie off outside as it got dark out. There are candles lit everywhere, and one of iDJ’s disco lights is flashing swirls of colour across the big front window.

We have lights up, and styrofoam headstones, and cemetery fencing, and other stuff…

SomaFM is playing on the house stereo; Doomed channel, special Halloween mix. It’s good, have a listen.

I’m worn out after carving all seven pumpkins today. Yep, seven. iDJ found four tiny ones, then two middle sized ones, then one more middle sized one (all at different shops) and he bought every one he found. Glad he did, as they didn’t last long as they are hard to find in Ireland!

Only one small one went rotten in the weeks before today, much better than last year when two went bad, and very bad they were.

Here’s my store-bought crop:

Huh. I just realised that I can’t count. Eight pumpkins! No wonder I’m so damn tired. Glad I took the day off! Where the hell did the fourth medium sized one come from?

Oh, sweet. While I was typing this, iDJ posted the pics of my finished carvings on FB. Now I get to go rob them for here!

owl pumpkin with leaf feathers.jpg
My owl. He’s got lovely red leaves stuck on like feathers. It didn’t turn out exactly as I imagined.

cranky baby pumpkin.jpg

Cranky baby pumpkin. Shoulda put the single snaggle-tooth on the other side.

skull pumpkin.jpg
Skull pumpkin. I was already running low on ideas.

stitches pumpkin.jpg
Stitched-up pumpkin. Not enough oxygen gets in to keep the candle lit so his lid has to be wonky.

animal pumpkin.jpg
Ya got me. Sort of like a pig or a bull. * shrug *

scary pumpkin teeth.jpg
Probably my favourite. Pretty scary!

And, of course, a spider!

You might realise there are only seven pics. Pumpkin no. 8 was a mutant inside and I couldn’t carve it in a way that would allow a candle to light it up. I saved it to last, dithering, and what I did to it is too crappy to share!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. OH – MY – GOD! I envy you so much right now! Look at all the decorations..!! How I wish people celebrated halloween here so big as they do there and in the usa. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I would’ve gone totally nuts with the decorations!
    And the owl pumpkin is adorable, and I love it! I think it’s really pretty! Scrap that, I love them all!

    You should keep the cemetery fencing up the whole year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Fabulous. I mean — FABULOUS!!!! I am fundamentally opposed to Halloween but seeing this here, I might have to revisit that conviction I mean opinion I mean prejudice.

    • Come toooo the daaark siiide! I love creepy stuff, and being a bit scared, and the actual art of horror and the grotesque. And as above, I’m an atheist so I have no fundament to sit upon. It never occurred to me to think of these things as ‘evil’, to be honest. Everyone has a skull inside their head, the freaky part is seeing it shed of skin. It’s good to realise that, but hard when humans are inherently empathetic and imagine how it would feel, or if it were someone they know. That said – some locals told me that their youngins’ said our house was ‘too scary’ to trick or treat at! Awww.

      I think golems are pretty creepy too; the original zombie! And, doesn’t everyone everywhere like a bit of the ‘shivery’ now and again? Keeps us on our toes ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I lovey love Halloween. I never saw it as evil in any way either. I think it might be in the upbringing. I love it for all the same reasons you do I think. I love the decorations and the creepiness of it. I love that this one time of year I’m not all that weird… it just a lot of my decorations are real.

        Your house isn’t vaguely close to to scary! I wanted to do a haunted wood here, but it occurred to me that no one would see it. We don’t get trick or treaters our way and the last time I had a party only one couple bothered to show. :/

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