€1.50 worth of dammed cleverness


Short fast and fun tonight – I have a phone call to make to the effervescent Socks!

Okay, so the other day I forgot my lunch. Luckily I remembered when I was in the garage (gas station for my American friends) and I bizarrely actually had a couple of Euro on me. This is very rare, normally I drive flat-broke. So I had a look to see if there was anything at all edible in the shop.

I found instant noodles, that’ll do! Good thing I’ve been off the diet.

I knew I could just add hot water at work and grab a fork and al, would be well.
Imagine my surprise when I opened the lid and found this.

The fork was included!

The fork was a freakin’ Transformer!

(That was me attempting to type the transform-y sound from the Transformers cartoons. Not the movies. They suck.)
So when hubby bought me another pot yesterday (because we didn’t have anything I could take to work for lunch) I ripped it open to show him The Transfork.

He was suitably astounded.


Something I like about this brand nearly as much as The Transfork is that they put the ‘veg’ in a little packet instead of in the noodles. The carrots never rehydrate and are just disgusting, this saves me having to pick or spit them out.

Koka is Super-noodle!

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  1. Hahaha! I laughed so hard about the Transfork! Aah, hilarious!

    I have a box full of noodles here, because my boyfriend is Chinese, and Chinese happens to eat noodles. They’re pretty good! But you need to know what you can add and what not. Because most of the time a lot of those little bags are added with oil/grease, or taste-finer (is that the right word?), and the greasy stuff you need to left behind cause that’s bad. We usually add a boatload of veggies and meat. And voila, tasty noodles! Omnomnomnom

    • I’ll be adding roast chicken to these tomorrow – because that was my lunch today and I forgot it at home! Whoops 🙂 I love noodles, but this cheap mess I wouldn’t use as a proper meal. I like egg noodles best and they are very hard to find here. The one little bag is a dry mix, just flavouring. I think you mean by taste-finer is what a lot of people call MSG – short for mono-sodium glutimate – which is used as a flavor enhancer but is a pretty awful chemical which causes a lot of allergies and problems in people. “Chinese” food in restaurants in the US is notoriously full of MSG. What kind of noodles do you eat?

      • Egg noodles are easy to find here!
        We have the regular kind of instant noodles. 🙂 Wei Hu it’s called, I think! Most of the text on it is in Chinese, haha.

        Could be MSG. They use it in the chinese food in the restaurant I work at as well I think. It’s a bit of a chemical stuff, but we use a different name. I have no idea how I spell it, but you pronouncing it as Féétsjin.

    • Ugh, yes – my hideous cut-to-shit counter top. Which was meant to have been replaced five? six? years ago. I hate it and don’t care so I use it as a cutting board. Mostly right there, obviously! I figured you’d give me hell for the “food,” not my kitchen!

      Magic sponge usually clears up the obvious cuts, but it is also where the coffee is poured, and lately cleaning stains isn’t high on my priority list.

  2. Instant noodles are underrated. In China, they come in bigger tubs and more interesting flavours, and every were you go on Public Transport, there is a Boiling Water Room. I was nearly afraid to ask what that was for, but apparently, it’s so that you can go in with your noodles, get said Boiling Water and have your breakfast/lunch/snack/mainmeal/picnic.

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