Stephen King has a webcomic!


Okay I’m a bit late in, but you have plenty of time to catch up!

My writer-hero, Mr King, has a webcomic in the works right now. It’s called The Little Green God of Agony.

Drawn by Dennis Calero and adapted from a twice-published short story, Little Green God will update Monday, Wednesday and Friday for eight weeks. We’re still barely into week two, so if you love King, jump on board!

I just leave the page open in Safari and check it daily, as I barely know what day it is anymore…

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  1. Ah, he’s using his own experience with utter ruthlessness again. That pedestrian-struck accident. You read in his terrific manula On Writing the whole rundown of his recovery, including the fixators in the shattered shin.

    All writers ransack their own lives of course, without conscience or mercy, but he’s especially good at it.

    • Again is right! From A Buick 8, the Dark Tower, I’m sure elsewhere but I’m only just out of bed… I pick up on how he always mentions clothing peeling off on impact – perhaps he’s digesting the idea it could have been his skin instead. I’ll trust you on the medical bits 🙂

      • I think most of the Dark Tower books were written before he got hit. But you probably know how he described being traumatized at about four by seeing a kid hit by a train and knocked right out of his shoes (The Body, aka the film Stand By Me). In a way he spent his whole life waiting fearfully for that train to come back and get him, and eventually it did. The quality of his writing changed after that — it became less high-pressure and frenzied, though I think it lost a little as far as capturing your attention. It was as if a circuit closed when that van hit him..

        Funny I was just thinking of Buick 8 last night — the way it reprised the riverside transition to another world that was one of the charged moments in The Talisman. I wonder if there’s a story behind that too.

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