Stolen Monday evening


I keep telling the hubby that I’d be more than happy to start and maintain a photo blog for him. This is why:


This was taken within the last hour, out our upstairs (cat-snot-covered) window. Wow.

Not only am I lucky to have a partner who can take such good pictures, I’m really happy I found one who can see the beauty available right outside our front door.

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  1. Hi dear!
    This is amazing! Do you have it in a larger size? The sky is stunning, it actually made me think about works by Vladimir Kush. Do you know this painter?

    ps – it feels awesome to be back to your comments 😀

  2. Ridley Scott is a believer that the quality of light in Ireland is unique. I think it’s all the water in the air, myself, but this pic proves his point. Brian spends soooo much time hanging round waiting for this kind of light, it’s not funny. But he’s not allowed get cat snot on it. Clients won’t pay for that 🙂

  3. Wowzers…that’s awesome.

    Ever since I started meditating, I’ve always thought about travelling to Japan and sitting in a field with a pagoda in the background during the sunset. But recently, I discovered a park with a stream running through it, and I meditate there.

    As I walked through the park, I realized that there’s beauty all around us, just waiting for us to stop obsessing about x, y, and z. I also realized that to get to where I want to be in my meditation practice, I don’t necessarily need to go to a far off land.

    Everything we need is right here.

    • It seems such a small and obvious thing – but somehow it does take serious thought to make ourselves stop and see – or hear – and just relax. By the way my bad typing first indicated to the iPad that I wanted to say ‘serious thighs’ and I thought that was funny. Imagine if we had to have massive wobbly hams before we could appreciate a stream or a sunset 🙂 Ah, hell, even varicose veins and cellulite make pretty patterns, don’t they?

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