Random no. 3? 4? I’ve lost track…


I forgot about this last night. I knew I had something of real importance to talk about!

For some unknown godawful reason, the Irish think that having a bird shit on you is lucky. I learned this at a wedding we attended that was held in an ancient, re-consecrated church with no roof. It did have a lot of annoyed birds who wanted us to leave them alone, and they let us know this in the way birds do best.

I really hope the bride got the crap stains out of her dress, it was rather nice.

Anyhoo, this odd belief came to mind yesterday when I was sitting outside, reading or playing one of my ‘stupid games’, and a bird flew past and shit all over my iPad. It sounded like rocks landing on it from a height and looked like the bird had eaten something unpleasant.

I don’t feel very lucky, despite the fact none got in my hair.

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  1. I find poo to be funny rather than lucky. Just ask Ronald Fig who once ate some poo ice cream – he didn’t say ‘that was lucky’, rather he said ‘poo ice-cream, how funny’.

    Added by Spiders: … I debated on approving this because of the blatant link I’ve removed. I’ve had a go at your blog, and I’m still confuzzled as to why you bothered with me… Had to be the humour tag. Ah, spelling. But, I don’t know how well we will mesh. Feic it, this is my place for fun so bring all the fun ya can ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A misfortune like this befell my late and ex-husband when we were walking out together, quite literally walking all over Washington, DC. On the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, whilst he was gesturing expansively by way of telling me a story, one of the Tidal Basin’s ubiquitous seagulls shat copiously on his bare right forearm. I lent him my handkerchief so that he could go into the restroom and clean up properly. Two weeks later, at the Reflecting Pool on the mall, a seagull alit across from us, turning head on to offer us the beaky and doofulous expression that only a bird can achieve. “You came to apologize, didn’t you?” he said. The bird shat. At least not on either of us that time… It’s funny the memories you treasure.

      • If we’re lucky, we get to love someone at least once who will piss themselves laughing about past episodes of bird shit. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Who knows, maybe this protects your iPad against being dropped, vs. droppings.

  3. Haaaahahaha. “I really hope the bride got the crap stains out of her dress, it was rather nice.” That totally got to me. I choked in my drink, and had to spit it out, haha.
    Anyway, Sorry a bird shit on your iPad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Sorry, we have to lower the tone of the conversation and tell the one about the chap who told his mate that this bird had crapped on his head, his mate asked ‘are you still going out with her?’

    • Hahahah! I’ve such a smile on my mug reading this! I wish you all the luck in the world ๐Ÿ™‚ But I get the feeling that they only think the poop of luck comes out of wild birds! I did wonder what you would think of this very odd superstition!

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