Snooze alarming


This morning, in the surreal 10 minutes I allow myself between snooze alarms, I had a Commodore 64 text-only game half-dream wherein your “soul” left your body when you hit the snooze, and if you slept through it, you would turn into a goblin.

The “soul” was a lower-case p, by the way.

I used the above as a FB status update today at 8pm because at 8am it still felt too visual for a short synopsis. I’m not entirely sure if a goblin really was the thing you’d turn into, or if it was a game I was playing in the dream, or if my dream idea of a ‘soul’ just happened to look like a lower-case, slightly green ‘p’ on a black background and my waking brain decided it was an old computer game.

Does anyone remember the text-only game DND? It’s really the only text game I ever played, in 1990, on a Tandy 1000EX. I had graph paper and I mapped out all of the dungeon levels so I wouldn’t get lost. I fudged the truth on FB as no one remembers the Tandy but most would recall the Commodore 64 or 128. We had a 128, hahahah, suck it, you peons who only had the 64-bit version! Our Dad has always been great for keeping up with computers, technology and gaming. We even had an Atari. My older sister liked Frogger best, but I was mad for the Q-man. I played Q-Bert until I got too good at it, and turned the joystick upside down and played it that way as a challenge, until that got boring. And then I realised the whole time I was playing it on the ‘easy’ level. When I switched it to ‘hard’ it kicked my ass and I gave up.

Well I went off on a tangent there, didn’t I. Guess that’s what a blog is for. Mine, anyway.

I have no idea what might happen if you slept all the way through a snooze alarm, I’m just incapable of doing so. Does it give up and stop eventually? Or could it be that the part that makes you you will slip off into the ether, or ethernet, forever?

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  1. We didn’t have ataris etc. A boy about 3 miles up the road did though, and I remember thinking how utterly cool the keyboard was. First computer exp was a Wang (yeah, look them up on…Is that a website? It should be….). God that was horrific. Nearly put me off for life. But, fortunately, there was Apple 🙂 Steve Jobs, blessed be thy name.

    • I remember Wang! Never used one. Hubby’s first computer was the Sinclair Spectrum, I think they were mostly in Europe, though. I also used my first MacIntosh in 1990! A few years later someone asked me if I’d ever used Windows. I looked at it and since their OS LOOKED just like a Mac’s, I said yes 🙂

      • Yeah, Windows looks like Mac OS in the same was as a fake device from China looks like the real thing. Sorry Bill. Don’t understand why the game can’t be equalised.

    • I didn’t have to for two years while I was unemployed – boy do I feel like a dunce sometimes using windows whatever it is at work. But my tab, spacebar, control v, and c keys are worn shiny and blank from me using keyboard shortcuts from the 90’s that these ‘youngins’ don’t even seem to know about!

        • Oy vey. Though I think the couple of years I spent shovelling poop at a horse farm did more damage. I have a … thingie … on my wrist now that sort of grosses me out. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it didn’t make my skin go all white above the bump when I bend my wrist. White people problems!

            • Oh, I have a tan! And all Irish, too 🙂 I’m not actually Irish enough to burn or turn into a map of freckles. I think the fan makes the white lump worse, though. I’m guessing you’re white too? We can poke a finger into our skin and it turns pale for a moment – it doesn’t do that on a black person! My first boyfriend was black and he made fun of me for it 🙂 Stupid human tricks?

            • Here we’re we thinking you were pale and wishy washy after an Irish summer 😉 yes, lilly white under the tan. You’ve just had me pressing my fingers on my skin to see if white shows up – nothing so far and I’ll blame you for the bruises tomorrow. All our black friends revel in turning darker in the sun and say their skin feels so much better for the warmth and the colour.

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