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Random no. 3? 4? I’ve lost track…


I forgot about this last night. I knew I had something of real importance to talk about!

For some unknown godawful reason, the Irish think that having a bird shit on you is lucky. I learned this at a wedding we attended that was held in an ancient, re-consecrated church with no roof. It did have a lot of annoyed birds who wanted us to leave them alone, and they let us know this in the way birds do best.

I really hope the bride got the crap stains out of her dress, it was rather nice.

Anyhoo, this odd belief came to mind yesterday when I was sitting outside, reading or playing one of my ‘stupid games’, and a bird flew past and shit all over my iPad. It sounded like rocks landing on it from a height and looked like the bird had eaten something unpleasant.

I don’t feel very lucky, despite the fact none got in my hair.