New Beer!


Here’s a really new beer! Not just new to me, but new new new – not sure if you have it in the States yet!

Guinness Black Lager? Why, what, how?

To me, it tastes like a home-brewed stout. Not as heavy as a bottled, carbonated, stout made by a big company, say, like Diageo. Not much head, and not much bitter after taste like a true stout, either. It was very smooth, and one definitely tasted like having another. If we’d had more than four on hand, it might have been a hard morning the next day!


Pretty. Even the packaging looks frosty cold and ready to drink.

See, not a stout’s creamy head at all. I’d have it again, when I’m off my low-carb diet again. It’s still pretty decent for you compared to most lager with 11 carbs and 135 calories a bottle, even if a bit mild in strength if you’re a good alky like me: 4.5 percent. A little stronger than Guinness stout, which the net tells me is 125 calories and 10 carbs but only 4%.

Try it if you can!

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  1. Here in Canada, anything under 5% is called Light by the manufacturers and water by the consumers. I’m pretty sure the Guinness Draught is at least 5% here, but I’ll check at the store tomorrow and return to you.

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