What Did I do to Deserve This?!?


Ah, Sunday. I’m out back, reading and slowly doing garden stuff. Slowly so I don’t hurt myself again like I did yesterday. I’m in shorts and a tank top – ‘vest’ for my UK and Irish friends – and I’m freezing.

Because I have this behind me,

And this to my right,

And this to my left,

But I have this directly overhead and in front of me, blocking my precious sunshine.

I musta done something terrible to piss off the weather-gods today…

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  1. Spiders – you’re as innocent as the driven snow (don’t think that’s quite yet on the forecast). A victim of the disaster which is the UK and Eire summer 😦 Things are supposed to look up soon(ish). Keep dry and sod the sod 🙂

  2. It least you’ve got some blue spots….gray and rain here – again! (But afraid to complain – holding off the drought and clouds keep it cooler)
    Maybe if I print out these partly cloudy shots and tape them to my windows it would be more inspiring here….

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