Sorry, everyone…


My brain is even more all-over-the-shop than usual… I am so behind on reading everyone else’s blogs and even responding to my own comments. Hoping to get my shit together sometime soonish. I feel…discombobulated.

And again I’m dead impressed that my iPad knows a word like discombobulated. It is smarter than most humans I deal with on a daily basis… Like the TWO people last week who tried to email me. While on the phone with them I said that I needed something in writing; in an email, and I heard, ‘ok, so… http://www.blahblah…’ NO!!! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WEBSITE AND EMAIL IN 2012?!?!

Maybe I’m just too work-stressed…

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  1. I feel your pain. The last couple of months, really, my brain has felt like a flat tire. I read over a comment I posted on another blog last night and realized I had mixed tenses — and I used to work as a proofreader! Jeebus Christ! Maybe it’s the sunspots?

    A guy I once dated liked to tell about a game he and his friends played as kindergartners, involving a big cardboard carton which one kid would be induced to enter; then the other kids would stomp on it. They called it the “Discombooberator.” Bet iPad won’t recognize that variant.

    • Yep – your ‘stupid girl’ post has been eating at me, too. I’ve mentally christened one of my new raised planting beds ‘the stupid girl bed’ because I thought about her, and others like her, the whole time I was working on it. Just not able to get the thoughts into type right now.

      That game reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes’ transmogrifying box. Yet another word the iPad knew!

      • I am in awe of iPad.

        I am glad there’s a raised bed admonishing my SG from across the ocean. It goes from bad to worse — kid wants to go back to the Jersey Shore and stay with her (non-custodial) father all summer and goof off, instead of anything like getting a job or taking an art class or even training for her claimed vocation.

        As for Net knuckleheads — my beloved Dr. Bill (world’s kindest chiropractor) just got online last fall and I had to explain that a “search engine” wasn’t an actual device installed in your computer.

        • Oh dear, glad Dr Bill has someone with your unlimited patience to help him! *snicker*

          Put up pics of Stupid Girl yesterday. I was going to stencil on some art of some kind, now I think maybe just find a good font and label it appropriately. No one will get it, and I don’t care.

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