Button has arrived!!!


Button is here! I don’t know if I’m to share her name or photo – actually I think that when I can, I’ll draw her and that can be the ‘photo.’ She is 7lbs, 12oz, and 20 and 1/4 inches long. I’m sorry I’m too emotional right now to translate into metric 🙂

Everyone is fine! Socks was starving afterward and is just getting to spread the good news after her long-delayed breakfast.

So happy! Ok I’m getting my iPad wet…

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  1. She has all the name weneed. What wonderful news. No wonder it took so long as was probably rather painful (understatement Socks?) as Button weighed into this world at a fine size. Recover well Socks and enjoy life Button – Spider’s waiting to make your acquaintance (as are we all) 😀

    • Hahah! Still have the new-mommy hormones do you? I’ve kept pretty ‘cool’ today, but then again I’ve only seen one photo and not had a talk with Socks or done Skype or FaceTime yet 🙂 THEN I’ll go to pieces!

      • Not so much the “new mommy” hormones (although I think my hormones are still readjusting to things,) but a new and heightened sensitivity to children now that I have my own. It’s weird. Well, like I said in that one blog entry I pointed you towards, I think I’ve changed in some ways I didn’t expect. 😉 Give my best to the new mommy.
        Incidentally, the other day I was thinking about the “agreement” Socks and her hubs made to keep him above the waist during delivery. I got to laughing, cuz I thought, “Oh hell no. If a dude can get his face all up in there to MAKE a baby, he should be able to watch it come out!” LOL

        • HA!! Agreed – why get the fun part only when it is a workin’ machine? Sort of the same idea about breast feeding in a way… But, hey – it’s her first. She probably is wondering if all her bits will go back to normal afterward. Of course they will, but she needs to see that for herself. And, as she said, some things cannot be unseen. The last thing she wants him thinking of, the next time he has his face in there, is remembering a face coming out of there!!!

          And after he reads THAT, my dad will either be laughing his ass off or doing a face palm 🙂

          • See, that’s my theory on farting around one another. I don’t want him to do it and then be like “Hey baby ~wink wink~”… But men are generally better at compartmentalizing that stuff. I don’t think that idea (the face thing) has ONCE occurred to my husband in the heat of the moment! LOL

        • I remember that from a friend of mine, that once she had a child she acquired mom-dar, and her attention would swivel to any child in range automatically. She had not been a particularly gooshy lady before that.

  2. Hello everyone! I have to say I feel SO loved by you all. I wanted to pop in and say that everything and I do mean everything is going swimmingly. I am so in love with this little bundle of awesome that I think I could explode. Nothing has ever seemed so natural to me. I had nothing to worry about. I think my little one even knows my aversion to drool as she has yet to produce any. I know that day is coming but she’s being kind and breaking me in slowly. As for hubby he couldn’t have been more wonderful. He did indeed get all “up in there” during the birth and he was overjoyed to do so. He even cut the cord which he didn’t think he could do. We cried together and everything was just perfect. All is well and we couldn’t be happier. I love being a mommy. I have not one complaint. In fact, it all went so well we have talked about #2!

    I can’t tell you how much all of your very sweet and wonderful comments have meant to me. What a community you all have built here. Spider, thank you for bringing us all together.

    • We love Spiders! I am one of the legions of fans who has been following your journey. Congratulations to you and your little family. Hey, please nudge E to draw a pic of the baby!

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