Socks is in labor… Sort of!


I can not believe that I got TWO more phone calls with Socks while she was still pregnant! They will be the last ones, though, because she is in the maternity ward right now…

She told me during our chat last night that the consensus of the medicos was that she, at a week overdue, would need some pharmaceutical assistance. They offered her a chance to come in on Thursday, but the ‘phonecall caught her off-guard and she said no. They had been saying Friday since Monday, after all. She had originally thought Thurs might be okay because it was the solstice, but getting a call first thing in the morning and being asked, ‘Hi! Want to do this early and with medical assistance?’ made her freak a little bit and refuse. I totally get that; 9 entire months (and then some) of expecting labor to start when it was naturally time is fine. An expected surprise. But having it scheduled and then offered an earlier date? An unexpected surprise. Just not ready yet!

So last night, she told me that she was to ring them at 6 am and see if there was a bed available. Maybe there wouldn’t be, if other babies decided they did want to make their big debut today. Apparently the space was indeed to-let, because she’s been at the hospital for over five hours now.

And could be, for daaaays. Things just aren’t moving very fast! She’s not getting ‘ripe.’ A bit of an odd term to use for the mother, isn’t it? I didn’t think she was growing, too. But, her innards still have some work to do in order to let Button out.

So, no real news at the moment. She’s waiting, having contractions sparked by the Pitocin, but they aren’t painful at all. She’s on clear liquids only; ice chips, lollipops, jello, etc. That’s going to get dammed old dammed quick, I fear. Oh! She told me that when they arrived, a single scream echoed through the ward from another woman in full labor. She said the look on Bear’s face was priceless. He told her that he was thinking, “Holy SHIT, am I going to have to listen to that for hours?”

Also, last night I asked how her mom was doing. Socks told me that Button is going to find it really weird, after she’s born, when Gramma talks to her face. Because all this time, Gramma has been talking to her butt. A lot.

Now, if Bear will come back from eating homemade Thai soup letting the dogs out, maybe he can figure out for us why her texts from her phone aren’t getting through to me. Right now we’re limited to iMessage, iPad to iPad. Which is fine for me, really, I’d be replying via free Internet text anyway. And let’s face it, this thing never leaves my side, er, my thigh…

Cheering you on from a distance, my dear one!

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  1. Yay! My induction was scheduled for a Friday and my water decided to break on Tuesday. They gave me Pitocin at the hospital and I’d say I was only in labor about 8 hours. Will she be doing an epidural? Man, I was so ready for mine! Good luck, Socks!!!

    • She’s now been there for 20 hours, and the last update is that the second med (she didn’t say what it was) has started her feeling a bit sore and crampy. She’s trying to sleep but saw I was up and sent me a text with an update 🙂 Awww.
      No, no epidural, no painkillers. She didn’t even want the induction drugs but they convinced her it was the right thing. When she screams like that other lady she might change her mind…

  2. Bit of an update for everyone – we last ‘spoke’ about five hours ago, and the process was starting to become painful. I don’t know what’s going on now, but my guess is we will see Button while it is still the 23rd. I’m hoping she’s okay, I’m a bit worried when I don’t hear anything for so long… but MommaSocks is there, and Bear, and even five hours ago her contractions were close enough together that she had to pause typing quite a lot. I doubt she’s thinking about anything but what’s happening, nor should she be 🙂 She did say thank you for all your good wishes.
    Like Bear I hate that someone I love is in such pain right now – even if the reason is a good one. I can’t imagine how she’s feeling right now, wish I were there to hold her hand…

    • Maybe she’s exhausted and having a rest now? Why don’t you have a nap with all your means of communications around you, so that you can check any minute if there is any news, but still rest for a while too? This way time will go faster. I really feel for you, Spiders.

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