Now for something completely different…


My friend over at Lifelong Photo Exposure does a post now and again (never often enough! hint hint) called Puzzle Wednesday. I thought I might steal the idea just this once and see if you can tell what this is!


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  1. So it’s not a TV screen is it?

    I laughed so much at your “hint-hint”. I’ve been lazy with those kinds of posts, haven’t I. Just working on one like this now.

    oh, this photo is so much fun, Spiders! Bravo!

      • I’ll post the same comment again. I’ve got no idea why it was posted from my photo account. I was logged in as Usyaka.
        Well, anyway, here’s the comment:

        “Spiders, my husband thinks that itโ€™s an iPad. And this is just crazy what he did to find the answer ))”

        • Alexandra and her hubby win! Yes, I was outside reading on the iPad at work and it started to rain – I saw the RGB colours come up and got out the iphone to take a picture.
          So, what did he do? Tell!

          • He looked at the way the colours go – green blue red. Apparently, it’s different for different gadgets – some go red, green, blue, for example. Then he googled what screen does that and got the answer.
            I thought it was kind of cheating, but he insists that he got the answer because he knew these distinctive characteristics, so it was not cheating.

            • That is AWESOME! He’s my new geek-hero! I had no idea different appliances would reflect the RGB differently! I never expected to learn something so cool by putting up this post. He’s a real problem-solver! Okay don’t tell him this part – is there a photo he, or you, likes a lot, or something, that I can ‘Brush’ and email to you as the prize?

            • Oh wow! He’ll get a drawing from you for this? This is SO cool!

              Well, he loves Usyaka and photos of Usyaka, so you can pick up any photo. Or, if you want, you can use this one I remember he really liked it. He was also laughing a lot at the one from today’s post, where she’s picking up Mr. Bee’s foot while standing up.

              But, yes, can you imagine – that’s what he did to find the answer and the whole process was also funny. He was programming and not every thing can distract him that easily when he’s programming, but then I showed him your puzzle and he put his programming away and started searching for the answer. I was laughing so hard!

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          • Well, I like the picture too! But I don’t want to sound too selfish. And I think my nose looks… a bit big.
            Awe, we both have blue eyes? ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • I don’t think so! You’ve got a cool little dent in your chin, too – I love it! Yes, the blue eyes, but more grey than blue sometimes, right? More the shape of the eye, and the strong chin (even though I’m cleft-less) My only sister and I have TOTALLY different eye shapes, it’s a bit strange!

            • You’re right. More grey than blue sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know if my sister has different eyes. – I just checked and she does have a different shape. Just like she has a different noes. She had dark blue eyes tho. Haha.Ooh, yes, my chin! People like my chin. ๐Ÿ˜›

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