I’ll be having a Beastly evening


Hubby is in his own little world at the moment. One of his idols, MCA from the Beastie Boys, has died of cancer at just 47. The Beastie Boys are one of iDJ’s all-time favourites, and he’s understandably upset.

I can’t really speak for how much BB has meant to hubby over the years, but I do know that whenever he is getting ready to go out and is getting ‘psyched up’ while dressing, he loves him some Beastie as it makes him so very happy. I can always tell what kind of mood he is in by what he chooses to play while picking just the right pair of sneakers.

I remember when ‘Fight for Your Right (to Party)’ made it on to MTV. I didn’t like it. I resented the idea that rap and metal could be liked by the same person. Then Anthrax jumped on the rap/metal bandwagon and really, really annoyed me. I’ve always associated The Beastie Boys with the early 80’s and the first change in current music that I didn’t care for.

According to iDJ, The BB’s hate ‘Fight…’ and refuse – I guess now that is refused – to play it. “It was a piss-take,” he said to me just this week. “They hated that it was that song that made them popular.”

After iDJ and I met (online) and I learned of his love for The Boys, I tried to like them on his behalf. I know that at least twice I was driving and ‘Savatage’ came on the radio. I cranked it up instead of changing the station, and it was fun when loud and of course reminded me of my crazy Irishman who was even whiter than the Beastie Boys but loved rap.

Hubby sounded so sad when he said, ‘So, no more of that, then.’ I can’t imagine how that must feel – like me losing Tori Amos, maybe.

So, my evening will be soundtracked by The Beastie Boys, at high volume. Just this once, I won’t complain.

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