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Every time we buy chicken wings I have to wash them, thoroughly, and remove all traces of feathers. I don’t want to eat any feathers, ever. It’s a long, arduous task and kills my back. It’s also boring and a bit disgusting. Every time I clean wings, I think of all of my vegetarian friends and I’m jealous that they will never, ever, have to do this.

But I never think of them once when I’m crunching away on my dinner of on oh-so-tasty hot wings.

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    • We managed to get Frank’s over here a few years ago! We went around the county buying it all. We just use the wing sauce straight outta the bottle – I can’t take things tooooo hot and we both hate mustard. I’d love a good recipe for garlic butter wing sauce, though.

    • I wouldn’t want a skinless chicken wing! It reminds me they were once alive, which is good and gives a bit more thought to the bird (and obviously if I eat the bones, I’m not wasting much). The cool thing here is that all fresh food is labelled with what country it came from, and if it is Irish, the actual FARM it came from. I could drive there and check it out if I so desire.

Thoughts? Gardening tips? Cocktail recipes? Don't just like and leave, please - I can talk for Ireland and would love to prove it!

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