Seedier than usual! Betcha didn’t think that was possible.


It’s been coooold here. Currently, at just about 8pm, the sun is bright but I’m indoors instead of outdoors. I gave it a good try, for nearly two hours, but it’s bloody 10 outside. 10C. That’s 50F. I’m warm-blooded and all, but the breeze makes it even colder and I just couldn’t take it any longer. When my nose runs and a couple of random fingers turn white and numb, it’s time to go in. Sigh.

But from the looks of it, we have at least another hour of sunshine beating in through the windows, which is fantastic. Because on Sunday, I spent a few hours making an unholy mess in the kitchen planting seeds.

Which of course, required me doing a shit-ton of dishes first, so I had room to make said unholy mess. How did I end up being chief dishwasher and bottle-scrubber? Bah. In any case, I put my time in, and took breaks to sit in the sun so the stupid back didn’t get too annoyed with me, and I ended up planting a small fraction of my seedacopia (It’s like a pharmacopeia {eww, the UK spelling for that is just wrong. Reminds me of coprolites} but with seeds). My mother in law works in a newsagent and when no one buys the magazines, they rip off the cover and return it to the publisher for a refund. But gardening magazines usually come with free seeds. Instead of throwing them away, she sets them aside and gives them to me! Hence, I have a lot of seeds.

I’d love a proper and pretty metal seed-organiser, but as ye know I’m cheap and I recycle/repurpose, so a big shoe box holds them for now- until I have too many and need one box for flowers and one for vegetables. Maybe I’ll paint the box I have! That’s a good idea…

Anyhoo, the sun is helping these new lives begin, and I’m thrilled to bits. If you have never grown from seed, start with carrots – it’s amazing something so big and tasty can come from something so damn tiny! I’m amazed every time when my minimal effort, some dirt, water, light and warmth can bring forth a huge plant from a tiny, dry nubbin that seems so very, very, lifeless.

But…as I said from the start, it’s coooooolllllldddd. I didn’t think anything at all would have the moxie to actually make the effort toward life, even though I’m keeping the seed trays indoors. Imagine my surprise when by only Tuesday I had sprouts! It was the morning glories I started for my Canadian friend. She has a long garden at her new rental house, and needs something to grow upwards and be a visual blocker to keep her greyhound from going through the fences. I thought a nice hardy and pretty climber might do the trick. According to Lagitana, morning glory is a bit of an invasive weedy pest, so it makes sense that it was the first to catch the spark of life.

I got a bit smarter this year and actually wrote down what I planted! So here’s the list, and believe me, I’d love to have about eight more seed trays so I could keep going and going and going…

April 15 plantings

Beets, Carrot autumn king, Purple broccoli, Basil
Californian poppy; Morning glory; Ladybird poppy
Coleus mix, Cosmos mix, Dianthus
Rudbeckia, Larkspur, White cornflower, Blue cornflower

I also tried some ancient beans iDJ found in a skip (Dumpster) and raspberry and lilac seeds I collected in the wild – not likely these will grow but what the hell.

So far I have the morning glory, both colours of cornflower, the rudbeckia, the cosmos and either the coleus or dianthus (I don’t know which end of the tray is which, oops), the rudbeckia… And I can’t really figure out what else. Nothing out of the beets, carrots or broccoli yet, but I didn’t have them under cover until today when I decided to put them in a clear plastic bag to help out.

I’m so surprised it took them less than a week. The cornflowers are the tallest, by the way – and I did the blue ones last year in pots out front and enjoyed them – they got so tall and flowered for ages, and the dry blooms looked nice in an unused vase until the cats decided they were a tasty treat…

Oh – last but by no means least is the lavender from seed! Apparently this is a difficult plant to get going from scratch, but a month in damp soil in my fridge (in one of the plastic-lidded takeout containers from our gorgeous local Chinese that I saved. See, being thrifty comes in handy!) did the trick and I now have five little guys about a centimetre tall each in their own 3″ pot – I really hope I can keep them going, as my store-bought lavender died two years ago in our first bad snowy winter.

Yay for some green!

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      • Planting tomatoes, actually. Actually, I have only one green thumb: I’ve become very adept at growing a certain “cash crop.” I do not sell it. It’s only for personal use and I have a permit to cultivate said “cash crop” because it’s a helpful remedy for my CPD. With all modesty, I’d say it’s some of the finest “cash crop” you’re likely to find. Certainly, the best I’ve ever come across and growing it myself saves $$$ and puts “seedy” vendors of that “cash crop” out of business. Think everyone should be allowed to grow their own…what say you?

        • I live in AK where it’s SORT of legal… I personally think who cares it should be.

          When we were looking for a house two of them actually had “Cash crop” rooms already. The first our real estate agent missed what the room was for. Although, damn it was so perfect it should have been obvious. The second one the real estate agent walked into the small hall, looked about and said “This must be where they grew…… tomatoes”. So we now call it growing tomatoes although we don’t ourselves grow it.

    • Really? Uh-oh. Is it worse than mint, or feverfew? Someone ‘kindly’ gave me a feverfew plant in a pot, and somehow it ended up seeding every bit of my compost bin. Little bastards! It’s been about four years at least but every year, more come up in my soil. Grrr.

  1. Aawe, the Lavender died? Shame, I love lavender. The ones my mother has have no trouble with winter. Anyway, I now wish I had a garden! I want to plant seeds too!

    • Yep, we had two bad winters in a row, and the first one killed my lavender and my rosemary bush. I missed the rosemary more! Luckily, I had cut more than I needed once and put it in water to keep it a few days…which turned into a few weeks…wich turned into it setting roots and it’s a pretty good plant now. Needs repotting… can you grow anything in pots where you live? I have a very small garden and use a lot of containers.

  2. Purple cauliflower!!!!! Hurray! We couldn’t find any seeds for that, we did get THIS however. I can’t freaking wait!

    Just orange carrots? We grow orange, purple, red, yellow, white and a pailer purple. Plus little stumpy ones. Apparently I have to grow extra this year. I swore to a nephew I’d send him some and a friend of mine was bemoaning that her husband only managed to grow her 3 at the most. So I told her I’d grow extra for her. I can’t bare to thin them out much because who knows what color they will be, so I end up with a lot of mutants.

    So far we have a few things sprouted. It’s tricky here to get stuff in soon enough to grow but late enough not to freeze.

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