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I had no idea that Cee Lo Green was a woman. And I’m glad. I’ve heard the name, and think it belongs to a musician, but never saw her until just now because she apparently has a cat.

I kind of like my priorities in this case: cats over crappy modern music.

I still think ‘Cee Lo Green’ sounds like a male gangsta rapper, though.

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  1. wait? what? that splains some stuff. i only became acquainted with the name/face because a friend of a friend, Vicci Martinez, was rockin’ out on The Voice, episodes of which I viewed on her website.


  2. Omg! I laughed so loud on this one…..still giggling. It’s a man, a black male R&B singer who sings one of my favorite recent tunes…note it contains the F-bomb, of course! Snickering still, thank you….I really needed that.

  3. What the heck did you read that said Cee Lo was a woman? Any Googling will show you he’s a he! You’re too funny. He does have a white cat, and a penchant to dress like James Brown in his heyday every now and then, but….

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