Neko had a ‘salon’ day


A short post tonight. I’m tired and hurting, and I think I’m going to put down the iPad, lie down n the couch and turn on the TV.

But, I have a couple of cute pics so here I am for a moment!

I cut Neko’s toenails today, in preparation for giving her a bath. I didn’t want her slipping more than necessary in the tub. She’s very good with the nail trimming, even if I have to do her back feet the same way you clean a horse’s hoof: she and I stand butt-to-butt and I hold her paw between my knees to do the cutting. It’s just easier with such a big dog. Those years working on the horse farm came in use!

Then, the bath. She usually gets a little scared when we make her go in the bathroom – it’s small – but this time no issue AND she got in the tub all by herself! A real first, and in all my years of having big dogs I think it might be the first time I’ve ever had a dog volunteer to get in the tub. Good girl!

Afterward we played in the grass for a bit, to dry off.

akita with rubber chicken.jpg
Note the four bath towels in the grass! And, of course, the rubber chicken. Yes, I buy dog toys that amuse ME.

wet American Akita.jpg
Wet dawg! Slimy drooly rubber chicken! Yay. Now I need a bath…

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    • She’s an American Akita – as opposed to the Japanese Akita. Best way to tell them apart is that the American one has a black face and is bigger – and I think only the American one comes in her coloration (called ‘pinto’). Supposed to be rather aggressive, but she’s a big sissy-girl.

    • It actually wasnt intentional, I named her in the car on the way home with her! Neko is also the name of a very good alternative country singer, Neko Case. The ONLY ‘modern’ country musician I like despite all my hubby’s attempts at converting me. We found out once we got home that it means cat, and then of course there was no changing it!

    • I love watching dog shows for the same reason! Last year an American Akita bitch with the same markings as Neko won best in group and was in the running for Best in Show! My girl is a daschund compared to that one, though 🙂

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