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Neko had a ‘salon’ day


A short post tonight. I’m tired and hurting, and I think I’m going to put down the iPad, lie down n the couch and turn on the TV.

But, I have a couple of cute pics so here I am for a moment!

I cut Neko’s toenails today, in preparation for giving her a bath. I didn’t want her slipping more than necessary in the tub. She’s very good with the nail trimming, even if I have to do her back feet the same way you clean a horse’s hoof: she and I stand butt-to-butt and I hold her paw between my knees to do the cutting. It’s just easier with such a big dog. Those years working on the horse farm came in use!

Then, the bath. She usually gets a little scared when we make her go in the bathroom – it’s small – but this time no issue AND she got in the tub all by herself! A real first, and in all my years of having big dogs I think it might be the first time I’ve ever had a dog volunteer to get in the tub. Good girl!

Afterward we played in the grass for a bit, to dry off.

akita with rubber chicken.jpg
Note the four bath towels in the grass! And, of course, the rubber chicken. Yes, I buy dog toys that amuse ME.

wet American Akita.jpg
Wet dawg! Slimy drooly rubber chicken! Yay. Now I need a bath…