Socks has a rutabaga!


Let me just say it here and now: I suck. I was meant to update weekly on my best friend’s journey through pregnancy – but I’ve slipped, and slid, and now I’m the farthest behind I’ve ever, ever been. I apologised to her, and I know she forgives me as she’s seen the changes this silly space has gone through since I started in October, and knows how good it has been for me… But one of my first intentions here was to chronicle how it feels to be so far away from someone I love dearly, and how her life is changing so fast.

I told Socks that it’s hard to talk about her pregnancy right now, as there just isn’t a whole lot going on in the baby-growing end of things. This is true – but also, she is currently having to concentrate on another aspect of her life that is changing that doesn’t directly relate to Button. We talk a lot about that during our weekly phone call. However, my efforts to blog about Socks aren’t to gossip about her life – it is supposedta be my take on hearing her talk about becoming a mom. Also, my stupid job is sucking up my time and energy, and I’m so tired I rarely feel like writing. Bad!!! So yeah, I bitch to her about the job for extended lengths of time, too.

Anyhoo, I’ve got to go back to the dark ages of March 8 to play catch up. My notes are sparse, shit. Socks was just starting to walk with a waddle, which I find funny as hell trying to picture. I’m sure by now she’s old pro at waddling! Socks is a petite gal, and hasn’t gotten fat – just baby-belly-big – so when Button moves around you can practically see which of her body parts is front and center. Back on the 8th, Button liked to present her arse to the world quite a lot. Her whole size was that of an iceberg lettuce – big, but just wait until I get up to date! I have a quote: ‘I’ll probably give birth spontaneously in the kitchen!’ I’m pretty sure this is wishful thinking on Bear’s part…

On the 15th, Socks started getting allergies. Yuck. She’s not good at taking antihistamine even when not preggo, so I hope that shit eases off. She also has given up being freaked out about the impending baby shower on May 5 in favour of worrying over buying a house. I totally suck here, as I didn’t note the fruit and/or veg of the week, but I have some fabulous quotes. Socks to Bear, after watching The Walking Dead: ‘I’m the least productive member of this group, you better take me out and shoot me before the zombies arrive!’

Socks to Bear: ‘Guess what is in just three months?’
Bear: ‘Our first BBQ?’
Socks points to enormous belly.
Bear: ‘Oh.’

Bear, on putting his hand on her belly and feeling Button do a barrel-roll in there: ‘Oh my god, what the fuck was that? I thought she was in there further?!?’

Also, Button has become interactive: Socks says she can poke her in the butt and Button reacts. Cool!

Not so cool: Socks is getting a revisit of her old nemesis, sciatica. An ice pack and stopping what she is doing does the trick – unlike in the past, she says, there is no working through this pain. You just have to stop and rest.

Okay up to the 22nd now – god I’m a jerk – and the sciatic pain is much less. Yay! This week was a cauliflower: one of my least favourite veggies, glad that’s past! Socks did say her hands and feet were having a bit of swelling, so more rest is required. Oh darn, what a hardship when she’s so tired all of the time! A direct quote: ‘Button is supposed to be about 15inches long and weighing in at a little over 2lbs at this point. I’m not sure about you but I’ve never seen a Cauliflower that big. Another interesting fact about Button at this stage is that any day now she’ll begin to open her eyes. Kinda cool and creepy all at the same time.’

And we have a belly-photo update!

Wait, this says week 27! I’m all messed up. Sorry…

Okay! We are up to yesterday, which is when Oirish Tirsday had to be scheduled due to house-signing business. Week 29 – I’m trusting that number as I wrote it down, how silly am I? – is either a rutabaga or acorn squash. Again, Socks says she’s not seen either of those that is 2.5 to 3.5 lbs and 15 to 16.5 inches long. I’ve not seen an acorn squash in years, but our rutabagas here are huge, and called a swede.

Acorn squashies. I forgot they are green. How do you know when they are ripe? Good thing Button is a singleton, I think Socks would explode if she had this many.

I got to hear a weird story about someone who felt it necessary to question whether Button was a girl or boy, and how everyone seems to think it is perfectly okay to make extremely personal comments and observations about Socks and Button. Socks doesn’t mind – she’s not easily offended and the way humans act and interact is a never-ending source of entertainment for both of us.

I’ll end with another quote from Bear. They were talking about how Socks is a bit upset that she can’t do all of the packing and moving that needs to be done (a very hard thing to admit, for a person used to doing it all, always). Bear told her that what he wants, needs, and expects from her is to point at things that need to be done and let him know when it is time for lunch. Aww.

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  1. Yay! I love nothing more than reading your side of my story. It’s fun to read. It can get a little confusing. That last belly pic was 2weeks ago at week 27. Today marks week 29 so you are correct!

    Today my realtor saw me for the first time in about a month and exclaimed “Oh MY! You’ve really popped out there! You weren’t nearly that big last time”. I do love my realtor, she made me smile! I proudly turned to the side and rubbed my belly and just smiled and said “Yep! And three more months to go!”

    If nothing else, this pregnancy is giving me loads of fun human intersection! Humans, such fascinating creature!!!

    • Yep, I messed up the timeline a bit – but it was late and we needed to eat dinner! I couldn’t NOT post after taking so long at it 🙂

      You know, in another three months your arms are going to be too short to reach around to the front for belly-pointing! Glad the humans aren’t weirding you out too much!

  2. This was great! Very entertaining. It is hard when you’re so far away from a good friend when they are going through a change like this. Been there, done that (sort of)… a little different but same sort of feeling involved. Glad you’re sharing in it even from a distance and in a way that we get to enjoy as well. Thanks for wandering around my place today. I look forward to reading more of yours. I like your take on things. I can relate, is that good or bad or just odd. 🙂

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  4. Yes! They are signing the final paperwork in just a few hours! I know, how exciting, but how stressful to do both at once! She feels terrible about not being physically able to do much as far as cleaning and packing, too.

  5. I think the ‘its personal’ goes away — a friend of mine, a not particularly girly girl had her first child years ago and when I was visiting I was laughing at her mom-radar. Anytime any baby was within viewiing range she would snap around to look and see if it was bigger or smaller or older or younger than hers.

    And quite often she would chat with the other mom about the babies for a bit.

    A year before she would have never done any of it. The inner mom-ness had come out!

  6. She must be carrying AK Cauliflower and squashes. You should have seen a couple of the cauliflowers we got last year.

    See, I’m contagious… or is it just my veggies are?

    No… surely it’s me.

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