A grumpy kitty


I’m sleepy, and I’ve not been feeling well this week – perhaps psycho-somatic as I would much rather be sitting in the sun we have had this week, rather than stuck in an office smelling girl-farts.

So, to make me feel better: here’s my Bengal boy Spot looking as if his life is a misery; when in reality it is a never-ending joy of sunbeams and comfy blankets and cuddles with his brother, or his people.


Life is hell, life IS hell – better get used to it, Spottie-Pants: at your age, it will only get more difficult.

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  1. Cat’s are amusing, annoying, wonderful, frustrating, adorable creatures. I love my two kitties way more than is probably healthy… 🙂 I do love that look they can give us that basically says “go stick your head in the toilet”. Enjoyed this and look forward to poking around some more.

    • Hello and welcome! No such thing as loving a kitty too much 🙂 I’ve a dog, too, but the cats somehow get all of the attention. Guess I’ll always be a bit more of a cat person than a dog person – poor dog!

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