Two artsy-fartsy photos


Early on in the pub, iDJ and I were playing around with our phones and the Hipstamatic app. I took this one of him using his phone:

He complained about it at first, because of the blur. According to him, my pics are always blurry. But I pointed out its only his pint that is blurry, his face is clear. It implies movement, even if he was being quite still.

This one is of one of the drummers from the Oldham Pipe Band that is in town for the parade (in just a few hours, yay!). I took a lot of shots but only this one caught his hands.

A shame, really, that this is the only one that turned out. The app is bleedin’ slow! I was snapping away and only got about 5 pics. Lucky I guess to get one good one at all.

Oh, and he’ll give out to me for publishing this with the stupid ‘MAR 82’ date stamp on it! I can’t be arsed to remove it.

Currently I’m out back, freezing, listening to what he calls skiddleyidle music. Irish traditional, or just Trad. He’s got the Weber grill out and we’ll be having burgers and sausages from our amazing local butcher. I’m cold, but I didn’t have the shakes and shivers until he poured me a pint of O’Hara’s Stout, 6%, to follow up my ‘morning’ coffee. Yes, it’s just gone 1 and I’m on the beer…

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  1. Odd. Perhaps this explains why, for a fleeting moment as I opened the fridge just now (at a little before 9 am here) the bottle of Mission Street Ale in the door looked appealing. I’d quite forgotten what day it is but there is unquestionably some Irish DNA in me somewhere. Red hair, prone to fisticuffs, can sing.

    I like the “pint” picture. It has a solid but otherworldly feel that you don’t get in color photos or photos that are too sharply focused.

  2. Love the pics – especially the drum-stick. The slight fuzziness makes it even more artsy-fartsy! It must be cold in Ireland – we’ve had hot sun all week here – I was gardening in shorts yesterday! I could have done with a nice glass of draught Guiness – or Murphy’s! Enjoy your sausages!

    • It was 7.7, or about 46, this morning! I’m soooo cold – but I think it’s mostly the beer shakes from being out late and drinking again less than 12 hours later. God, I’m stupid. Sausages were gorgeous! Nothing like craft butcher saussies on the grill.

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