Earworm OTD


Ah, quite the easy one today! I popped a CD of The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem into the car yesterday. Easy And Slow isn’t a song that is about much, but it has such a lovely wistful sound that I could listen to it for hours in a loop. My dad had The Clancy Bros on vinyl, so they are a huge part of my childhood. Irish folk can tease me all they like – a good trad tune makes me feel good in ways nothing else can.

“And what’s it to any man whether or no
Whether I’m easy or whether I’m true
As I lifted her petticoat easy and slow
And I tied up me sleeve for to buckle her shoe”

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  1. Isn’t it strange – I grew up with all that stuff, and I have a great aversion to it, generally, especially the Old Time stuff, like Makem * Clancy etc. However, From Clare to Here brings a lump to my throat even thinking about it.

    • For me, it was exotic and only my family listened to it. I feel the same about American country music, it’s foul. I guess if you are inundated with something and it seems old and dated, you’re not going to like it. Laugh all you like, but rebel songs get my juices flowing! Ooh, ahh, up the ra! Hah. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help myself 🙂

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