Happy Thoughts just don’t work for me


I’m sure you’ve heard that the best way to have a great night’s sleep and to wake up happy and refreshed is to think positively before you go to bed. I’m here to call bullshit on that theory.

I was chock-full-o-giddiness last night when I went to bed. I went immediately after my last post, which was about how excited I am about Paddy’s and how much I love our parade. How much more positive could I be? Also, I’m currently reading one of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books. These are happy, lighthearted fare. I dropped off to sleep reading.

So what wakes me up at 2:30 in the morning? A dream in which a man sets himself on fire right in front of me. I saw him inhale the smoke into his nose, I heard membranes in his eyes pop, I saw his clothes shrivel and become tight as they melted onto his arms. The he walked away toward a lake, fell, dragged himself, and eventually made it into the water to become a tightly-curled corpse floating on the shore.

Kee-rist. Where the hell do I get this stuff from? I gotta wonder: if I read something equally horrible and was in a rotten, black mood – would I dream of unicorns pooping rainbows?

On the bright side, I can say for sure that I dream in colour. The man used a cigarette to light the gasoline, and I remember it had a brown filter. There were also some colourful…fluids…spreading out from the body when it was in the water. Yay, me.

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  1. They say that dreams allow us to forget the notion of linear time. Not sure what that means in this instance. 🙂
    I think people burning dreams are not that uncommon. I had one when I was about 10, which I still remember vividly. It was prompted by reports of famine in Africa. I dreamed that anyone who got chicken pox was being burned by the turnstile at the grocery shop, as they were ‘no more use’ (direct quote from the dream.

    • I get some good gore, but a month ago I read something that shocked even me and I had no dreams. I almost want to say the man was a young Dustin Hoffman, and he doesn’t enter into my thoughts, nor have I seen him or heard about him in ages. Not even heard any Simon and Garfunkle…

  2. Yep. I can wake up feeling wonderful and peaceful and note that I have another hour to sleep if I want to, drift back off and wake up with the horrors. Did that less than an hour ago (in my case, it’s always some horrible futility dream where I’m trying to get something done while the clock ticks and inanimate objects fight me and won’t behave or be found, and the people who are supposed to care about me shrug and disparage me).

    I think the people who give this chirpy advice just pull it out of their asses actually.

  3. Dreams certainly can be many things – terrifying, deeply emotional (happy or sad), or utterly frustrating to name but a few – well, for me anyway. I don’t know about the burning thing – maybe that guy was a part of you that you dislike and try to ignore, but he won’t go away so this time you set fire to him! This sleeping thing can be dodgy I reckon; I’ve sometimes gone to bed perfectly healthy and woken up with a dodgy knee, or other body-part seemingly injured!! I have a theory that we go off to places unknown at night and have adventures. I just wish I could remember where I’d been and what I’d been up to!

    • That’s pretty strange! Do you flail about in your sleep like I do? My good friend recently woke up with finger-sized bruises on both her upper arms, just as if she’d been clutching herself in the night. I wish I could go places in the night! I had a book on astral projection as a kid, and because of the admittedly odd lessons in it, I can have lucid dreams if I practice.
      I know I sleep-talk, and have at least once gone sleep walking (but not far). I also move a lot – I feel sorry for my poor kitties when I’m their bed for the night!

  4. yikes! I used to wish I could hook up a VCR to my dreams…. someone once told me to try to figure out the emotions in the dreams if I wanted to know WTF was goin’ on there!

    Happy day tomorrow, Spiders! (I seem to be feeling better this morning, all of a sudden. OH please please please, make it so!)

    • I was thinking about you today at work! Noticed you’ve gone quiet a bit again. Then again, I for one haven’t been doing much to entertain you!

      I used to record my dreams, when I could. Some creepy stuff. Now I have a blog 🙂

        • Oh, shit. Probably literally. Sorry, love. hope you get to have a little fun tomorrow.

          The only reason I don’t post my random thoughts is because usually they are a bit brief, and I so adore to be wordy.

          • quite!

            Looking forward to having FUN with the Big Mister–poor haunted guy with me being so ill!

            I’m seeing a post that is a collection of random thoughts, captured over time, then published whenever. !! >:-D

            have a great time at the parade tomorrow, Spiders!

  5. Yes, I definitely think you should try reverse psychology, and see if you can get some unicorns pooping rainbows. I will loan you a dream of Wonderbutt pooping bracelets if you like.

  6. Your dream is chock-a-block with phallic symbols, dear. I think you need therapy.
    Dr. Sigmund Freud

  7. Ive long taken the stance that 90% dreams (or at the very least mine) were a way for my brain to keep itself Entertained.

    The horror stuff never scares me really, stuff that in theory is freaky wakes me with a meh feeling. Weirdly, I can’t remember the ones that make me wake in terror or scream out.

    I actually had a week of that once, where I would be crying out and moaning and Kent would have to wake me. It was weird. Nothing much was really going on in my life.

    I personally don’t think anyone can tell anyone else what their dream is about. After all, a skinless animal in a dream would freak most people out… while I’d just start planning on how to clean the skull.

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