Here it comes…


It’s late evening Thursday, but I’m already psyched-up for Paddy’s on Saturday! I’ve just heard 2.5 hours of all-Irish music from my hubby’s Internet radio show (he went over by half n hour because he just didn’t feel like stopping, and he was hoarse from singing along by the end). He’s happy and excited, I’m happy and excited – and best of all, it’s not even my bedtime yet and the show is done, the dinner is et, and I get to have a reasonable amount of sleep on an Oirish Tirsday for a change.

Change is the reason – the time change! The US has done it, but we haven’t yet (nor do I know when we do – why care when it will hit like a ton of bricks and I cannae do a thing about it, anyway). So, his show started and should have ended a whole hour earlier than usual. A bit of panicked rushing round on his part, but man, I wish it were like this every week.

Anyway, Paddy’s… I just love the day here in my small town. I love seeing all my friends and neighbours being silly in costume in the parade, and seeing the creativity of every ‘float’ from local businesses. I love the poor, shivering children in costumes they cannot see out of, and the professionals such as the stilt-walkers or the Samba band or especially, the pipe band from Scotland that always comes. Pipes and drums set my blood on fire.

I love (and also usually really, really don’t want to, at first) standing out front of the pub at 3pm with a frosty pint of Guinness in hand waiting for the parade to come past. I love having so many other friends and neighbours standing with us, giggling, suffering. I love that the parade is so long, and the town is so small, that about 3/4 of the way through it ends up doubling back on itself and we see the same marchers twice.

I love afterward, when the parade is over and I have a good buzz going on and the marchers straggle into the pub with their costumes half removed and any makeup smeared, so I can tell them how much fun it was to see them and how great they were.

I love that this year, I can share some of the hundreds of photos we take with you.

I love my town, and I love St Patrick’s Day here. I never want to be anywhere else.

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  1. We’ll be thinking of you two as we party here with Bobby and Katherine! I’m sure Jason will text you somewhere along the way. Slainté!

  2. Spiders:

    Have a good one. I’m one-quarter Irish so I’m only going to get 25% drunk. But I’m with you in spirit.

  3. Apart from the Samba dancers, doesn’t sound like it’s changed much since I was one of the freezing children. Heading up the parade where I came from was the Graveyard Association. Should give you an idea….

    • Love it! We have a memorials business in town and they usually drive one of their flatbeds. There’s usually an old couple with a lovely donkey and cart, too – and some classic tractors, of course. What I didn’t mention is a string band that always came over from America – they aren’t coming this year. I don’t know what I think about that.

  4. Funny, the part that touched me was… I never want to be anywhere else.

    That’s how I feel about AK… and slowly what I love is changing around me. Sad.

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