I have to go to sleeeep…


…but I’m missing my blog. I thought I’d say a few things before heading upstairs.

I’ve finished re-reading what I wrote already on The Book. I still like it. I’ve also done most of my research on the stuff that needed researching up to this point. So… I guess I’m ready to start making words fit together in new ways!

My writing area is a lot different than it was for the first chunk-o-book, though. I’m in the house now, instead of hiding in the cold, uncomfortable shed, sitting on a toilet. I shit you not.

Now, I have pillows in front of the fireplace – but I also have constant interruptions. Not great.

But! I’ve been re-learning how to do several things at once, even if I don’t want to. I change the track of my thoughts so very many times in a day at The Job that I’m getting good at it. I hope.

Anyway, that’s really it. I have to retire for the night – because my brain is running out of my ear and pooling down around my collarbone.

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  1. Your current writing conditions sound like an incredible improvement from before, though I understand the frustration of being interrupted every few minutes, even if it is by something furry and purry.

    • I probably would be back out in the shed, if it wasn’t piled up with so much stuff I can’t even see my former ‘throne.’ After all, those seats are pretty well designed for sitting upon, even with the lid down!

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