I’m talking about YOU!!!


Hint, hint!

Yep, there’s a reason I used so much Purple!!!!

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  1. I post at least once a day, sometimes twice — WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

    Oh wait — this probably isn’t about me. Never mind then.

    [whistles and walks away.]

    WAIT – does that mean I’m not your favorite?!?

    [whistle-cries and runs away.]

    • Thanks 🙂 I know, she’s heading off on her adventure soon, and has a nasty persistent cold… But last time she went quiet and I drew her a picture she put it on her blog… I thought I’d head her off at the pass, so to speak!

  2. A bug! A bug! I’m showing it to Bugs. Maybe it will get things moving. (But come to think of it, where is that gal. Ya know, she promised to write on her trip but she hasn’t even started out yet and we get silence. Does not augur well, I’m thinking.)

  3. I do believe I am the purple cricket to whom you refer! I am alive, after all! See what antibiotics for a sinus infection gets you–in the damn hospital, withering away. At least I was sick enough, and on TWO doses of a special drug I keep calling Xanadu, that I missed the spinal tap! arrrrrgggggh!

    Thank you thank you! As soon as my brain can think straight, you can bet I will post that cricket!

    I plan to reschedule my adventure to Italy as soon as I know I’m back in the pink, er, purple! Should be within weeks– as long as I keep resting and recovering and don’t start running around like a mad purple cricket!

    • I can send you a copy without the text, or with any text you like! The joys of digita art 🙂 I’m glad to know you’re doing well enough to come for a visit – that’s some scary stuff you had/have going on. Xanadu! You have to believe that it’s maaaa-giiiiic 🙂
      Recover soon, Italy needs you!

      • Hi Spiders! I’ve missed you! Yes, for me, the scariness is after-the-fact because I didn’t know how sick I was. The Big Mister did, poor guy.

        Oh it was maaaa-giiiic! I remember the ER doc saying “give her the Xanadu (?).” Then he did some stuff behind my front, trying to find the spinal entry point. When I squeaked because of old, chronic pain, I heard him tell the nurse, “Let’s give her another Xanadu.” Then I came to lying in bed and asking when we were gonna do the spinal tap! >:-D Yaaaaay, I missed it!

        And I need Italy, Spiders. Life happens in an instant–I don’t want to be regrettin’ stuff when I’m dead, now do I?!

        Your picture as drawn is perfect as is!

        • I don’t know what you do for stupid real job, but mine sucks my brains right out and leaves little behind to paddle around in for funsies. I should be writing now, ferinstance… and I’d love to draw something for my friend laid up with recent back surgery… but pretty soon dinner will be ready and then I fall into a food coma and that’s that!

          • I’ll have to admit that enjoy my real job (visual fx for film) but it does include long hours so that eats away much of my personal time.

            And yet we find time to write blog entries and browse the interwebs. Just need to MAKE more time 😉

            • Oh hell, that IS a cool job! Yep, mine isn’t anything creative but still eats my time and brain-power. I’m too old n broke to learn something new, so office job it is. Bah. Right, I’ve got ten minutes, I better go do something fun!

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