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I have to go to sleeeep…


…but I’m missing my blog. I thought I’d say a few things before heading upstairs.

I’ve finished re-reading what I wrote already on The Book. I still like it. I’ve also done most of my research on the stuff that needed researching up to this point. So… I guess I’m ready to start making words fit together in new ways!

My writing area is a lot different than it was for the first chunk-o-book, though. I’m in the house now, instead of hiding in the cold, uncomfortable shed, sitting on a toilet. I shit you not.

Now, I have pillows in front of the fireplace – but I also have constant interruptions. Not great.

But! I’ve been re-learning how to do several things at once, even if I don’t want to. I change the track of my thoughts so very many times in a day at The Job that I’m getting good at it. I hope.

Anyway, that’s really it. I have to retire for the night – because my brain is running out of my ear and pooling down around my collarbone.

Back in the saddle again…


I don’t think I’ll be posting as much in the future. I have plans…

Tuesdays I’ve got KIBIS and there’s always Oirish Tirsday – both days I that I don’t get to play online as much as I usually do. And of course, the job takes up a huge chunk of my day (I worked an hour late today and feel pressure to go in early tomorrow as I still didn’t get everything done).

But that’s not why I think that I should step away from doing my usual one or more posts a day. I still could, but they would be small things like terribly cute cuddling cat pics or whatever dead leaf I found interesting enough to photograph.

I think I need some more ‘free’ time: not for the drawings, but the writing! I love the drawing, and after the excitement about King over the weekend, I really do want to do more of it. I’m waiting for inspiration to strike there, however. I can be a bit slow to cogitate over important things.

Which brings me to the point – after leaving it aside since October 2010, I’ve picked the book back up.

The Book. The one I’m writing. Or was writing, and am now revising and playing catch up with and getting back into the fun groove of my characters. I’ve over 25K words, so catch up takes a while.

I think I’m ready. I know I’m ready. My writer’s block was 100% guilt about playing and having fun while I didn’t have a job. I felt so guilty that my funny bone went to sleep, and my characters got bored and wandered away from me. Because for me, they write the book. Not me. I just listen in.

This blog’s entire original purpose was to get me back in the habit of writing. It did so much more than that! I found people I like and respect and I would welcome into my house without question. I found artists and writers and photographers and people who care about politics and good causes and so very, very many people who love their furry kids as much as I do. You are all fantastic, and I wouldn’t ever be able to ‘go away’ from you for more than a day or two! You have given me back my voice, my words, my funnybone, and my drive to finish what I started. Thank you!

It’s still in there, The Book, and it wants to come to life again.