Google street view discovery


I have to be Guarda vetted in my new job, as I have ‘access’ to vulnerable people. Part of that process was having to list everywhere I’ve ever lived. Ever. Perhaps that’s an easy task for the average person.

Perhaps that’s an especially easy task for the average Irish person. For iDJ that list is just two places, unless you could his digs when he was in college. So, four, I think – at the most.

Me, I’ve moved a lot. A crazy amount. I racked up seventeen addresses, and I know (in retrospect, now that I’ve turned the form in) that I forgot three in Florida and one in Ohio.

Three times I moved over a thousand miles, and once I moved over 3,000 miles. I think I’ll stay here a while, yes?

I had to ask my dad for help, too. I remembered the names of both of the streets I lived on before the age of six, but that was it. He kindly took some time to dig the addresses up for me, thanks pop!

So, today I thought I would see if I could find the houses on Google Earth. It’s odd, but neither road has Street View yet. Even my house here is on SV… but the satellite image is a big green blur. Anyhoo, the sat pics of both places are superb, and my sis helped me find one of the houses.

The first place did have Street View for about a block, but not where we lived. I ‘walked’ down there anyhow, and I found this odd capture:

I’m fascinated. She? He? is in a bathrobe and slippers hauling nasty old wood along the side of the road. There’s a whole story here.

Sure, it could be trash day, the day they pick up odds and ends perhaps. And he was caught by surprise upon hearing the truck in the distance, having to run out in his PJ’s to put out the rubbish.

But maybe not.

Maybe she’s smuggling civil war rifles, or baby crocodiles, or even unpasturized cheese in that pile of wood, and the shabby clothes are just a cover.

Maybe he’s part of a bizarre fund raising stunt: dragging scrap wood around the state for charity while dressed in his mom’s bathrobe.

Maybe she’s part of a cult, and due to some infraction (reading Harry Potter, perhaps) this is the punishment the elders have chosen for her.

We will never know. The mystery person does, but I bet they aren’t willing to talk.

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  1. OMG I love this. How mysterious! This is exactly the kind of thing that will keep me up at night thinking of alternate ideas. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t need a “hard ending” to a movie. The hubby will shout “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE…” while me, I just smile satisfied that I can answer it all in my head better than hollywood. This picture is fantastic! I love it. it needs to be printed and hung on the wall in my bathroom.

  2. I think that’s a friggin’ ghost in your picture!! Sure looks like one. PS- I’ve never read a Harry Potter book so I am ineligible for Harry Potter culthood status.

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