Must not kill.


I am so angry and sickened I could spit, bite someone, and spit again.

Last week we went to Harvey Norman and had 3 prints made on photo paper, to test their quality. It was perfect, and each 8×10 was €2. Good deal, we were happy with that.

We went back today to print another 15 for sale at the show tomorrow. We did our thing at the kiosk and ordered the prints, I took the receipt to Bottled Shite (she was as-thick-as), waited 10 mins, got our prints. I took a look before we left to go pay… and they were all gloss, not matte. Looked like utter shit. They looked like cheap cartoons.

Me: Why are these gloss? We ordered matte.
Her: Oh they didn’t bring us matte paper this week, we only have gloss.

Thanks for fuckin telling me when I ordered them, and thanks for telling me again when you handed me the closed envelope with my prints, you useless twit.

We spent another 10 minutes ringing people for advice, trying find another place, and/or deciding to keep the horrible pics. We ended up giving them back, which pissed me off – who’s to say that dimbulb doesn’t steal my work, even if it did look crappy? We went to another place, and the kiosk there read at least two of my drawings completely wrong – the color was off, and there were lines that must have come from my drawing’s several layers, but they didn’t show anywhere else! Not on my iPad, not the Mac, not in Photoshop even at best resolution and the maximum Dpi…So those two were unprintable. Then they wanted €6.50 EACH (remember, they were €2 in HN?!?) and four flipping hours to print. And we live over 30 mins away.

Well, when I heard €6.50 I started to almost-cry. Too much frustration and running around and now the money we do not have to spend is being more than tripled? I went outside the shop to cool off.

Hubby got them to lower the price to €4 each. Still; double the budget, and I am so disappointed. We put a lot of time and organisation into this part. Now my plan has to change, my day has been wasted, and one of my favorite drawings now cannot be shown on good photo paper.

Screw you, Harvey Norman, and your stupid, useless worker who doesn’t have the sense god gave a rock. I couldn’t even tell her how upset I was: she clearly didn’t understand the problem or didn’t care, and what was she going to do about it at that point anyway? I didn’t want prints that look terrible, even at half price for screwing them up…not that she offered.

A sorry would have been nice, an offer of some sort of solution would have been nicer, but best of all would have been to tell me that what I needed was not available.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of the working artist. Happens to all of us so just know that it’s not personal from the universe.

    Will it make you feel any better knowing that I would LOVE to throw this beautiful new iMac right out the friggin window right now? Pretty much the only thing keeping me from doing that is that I don’t have a high enough window that would satisfy my revenge fanatasy!

    • No, I’m afraid it doesn’t. If I had my own printer, none of this would have happened. D came back with the prints, and there are several I wouldn’t sell. The color is WRONG. It picked up the tiniest variances and exaggerated them: Clyde, for instance, has a light blue nimbus all around him. I need a drink.

      • I’m sorry to say that even if you had your own printer you’d just have a different set of problems. Trust me. I’m speaking from YEARS of experience. It’s never just click, print, be happy. Just take a deep breath and everything will be okay. Just remember, this is a learning experience. You don’t want to start turning into me now do you? 😉 Big loving hugs of happy comin your way.

  2. We used to print Brian’s photos inhouse, but now we use DSCL. They’re UK based and we upload everything online. All RGB colour. Consistent quality. CHEAP prints. Don’t know what postage to RoI would be, but totally worth checking / trialling. Normally next day delivery in UK.
    Hope show exceeds expectations, despite this. It’s always the way. I turned up to a show in May in London to find that I didn’t have any walls…..Last show, my lights broke night before show opened. Look, you will learn from every one.
    Transferring any image to print is THE MOST tricky process in the world though. Just is.
    Good luck!

    • Looked them up – shipping here isn’t cheap but the rates are really good, even converting into Euros. Is the ‘lustre’ paper the matte finish? I had another question or comment but I’ve lost it now…

      • It’s not gloss, and it’s not true matt. It’s kind of what I would have called pearl back in the old days of printing my own in the dark room. If you want to mail me, i can post you a photo we’re not using so you can see the material.

  3. Spiders, I’m so sorry it happened to you! And I understand you so much, we also live in a place where some very simple things can become hugely unattainable.
    Socks is write – it was nothing personal. I bet that stupid woman at the printing service was just stupid, I’m sure she didn’t plan on hurting you personally and screwing your plans.

    Something will always go wrong, especially such things as prints. BTW, Socks is also right about the printer – I used to have my own – never ever have I said so many bad words as when using that printer. You’ll have to calibrate many things to make it work properly and even when you do so, some settings can still go wrong and you’d have to start all over again (and BTW, it was much more expensive for me to print photos at home). I guess this is one of the most difficult things when it comes to digital images – putting them onto the paper.

    What does your husband say about your prints now? Does he still like them? I mean, you of course think that they are totally ruined and I would think the same if I were you because I’m also a perfectionist when it comes to the final work, but maybe the prints are still OK?

    Hey, can you probably upload here some quick shots of what the printed drawings look like?

    It’s still your experience, Spiders, I’m so sorry you started your line of new experiences with some negative ones but such things are almost inevitable. You’ll learn something from it, you’ll know what services to trust and what to expect next time. I know it’s probably a crappy consolation, but sometimes things just are crappy and you have to go on doing what you planned to do even after it all happened.

  4. I know it wasn’t personal, of course. It’s just another example of me doing everything I can, and the rest of the world not living up to my standards. I know printers are hellish – my husband is an IT manager and even he wants to drop kick them, daily. But today, with the petrol we used and the cost of the prints – but not counting four hours out of two people’s Saturday – we spent €70 on 12 little 8×10 photo prints that, frankly, are substandard. Everything is so expensive and complicated, I miss America at times like this.
    Hubby is angry too – he didn’t see the wrong colors and weird lines until I showed him, though. Now he can’t NOT see them. We are baffled as to why they are wrong, too.
    Oh yes, the show will go on. I’m hoping I manage to sleep tonight so as to have a fresh outlook in the morning. Right now, it is what it is and that’s what I have to work with!

    • I’m sorry, Spiders 😦

      If he couldn’t see them straight away maybe it means they will not be very noticeable to other people too.

      Yeah, getting a good sleep and relaxing as much as possible is a very good idea.

    • Yeah, I didn’t even get a ‘sorry.’ Just a blank cow-chewing-a-cud look and told I didn’t have to buy them. Yeah, I knew that already. An offer of the date when the matte paper would be in? The name of a competitor? Nope. And yet, I can’t get a job. Sigh.

  5. She should’ve let you know they only had gloss, and not matte. :/ Or is it just me? She wouldn’t have wasted any paper/prints, or at least offer you some discount because she printed them anyway on glossy paper, and not on matte! Not even a sorry?

    And I agree, having an own printer will only give you other problems. It will refuse to print, out of paper, out of ink, paper jam, etc, etc.

    I hope things work out for you.
    I’m sure they look good, even though it’s not printed the way you wanted to.

    • Not you, she was a thicko. Anyway. I’m seeing the humor now. I was more angry that I almost cried: does that make sense? And you are right, everyone that said so is right – no one will see the flaws that I do 🙂

  6. I can’t stand even reading about this ordeal, let alone imagining going through it. Chewing rocks over here. Sending healing vibes. At least not more rocks . . . . Really hoping the show comes thru for you even so.

  7. I think I’ve worked with her. Sadly, even though I was an AWESOME retail worker…. I was one of the few. Honestly, I’m willing to bet that A. she didn’t say anything to avoid people being irritated at her about not having Matte. Many many many people will leave without looking and then not bother to go back once it’s wrong. Or B. she was told not to say anything in an attempt to still make sells.

    I don’t think that’s a good or right thing to do, but sadly it happens a lot. I personally would have told you up front, given you the time I thought it’d be in and had a list of other places that could help you. But not everyone is me.

    So, having said that, I’m more than willing to bet no one else will see the problems. Almost every time I think some thing looks like ass no one else even notices. You have the plus that this is art, the person buying it will think that is how you meant them to be. Just don’t say anything to them unless THEY ask about it. Trust me, you do not need to point out every flaw.

    As to an in home printer verses outside… both suck. I personally hate letting anyone doing anything that I personally can do, so I prefer my own printer. But the damned thing is a real pain!!! Ever seen “Office Space?” Yeah it’s like that.

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